Long is on your side

My husband and I went to Carolyn Long’s gathering at the Klipsan Senior Center Oct. 5. She introduced herself and shook hands with every person in the very full room. Her daughter was right behind her doing the same.

She spoke about her upbringing. About working on her family farm and learning the value of hard work and team work. She spoke about her student loans that she is still paying. She wants to help remedy the loans of current and future students. She also spoke about schools to learn a trade. A college education isn’t for everyone, some would prefer a trade. That is one of the things America was built on, hard physical work done by native-born and immigrant might.

Her husband is a Republican. That in itself, impressed me. Part of her work is bringing people together from different viewpoints. Our country needs people who can show us our commonality, to remind us we are all Americans regardless of what we look like, where we live and who we love.

I believe Carolyn Long has the education, experience and temperament to help unite our country. Please vote for Carolyn Long, she is on your side.

Patricia Wood


Mailers add up

After receiving the latest round of taxpayer-funded mailers from Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, I asked for the total cost and for the second time in two years was completely ignored. I do know that in 2012 The Columbian did a story on this issue and found that our congresswoman’s bill for mailers came to $190,000 with one on Medicare at $37,000. When asked about it at the time, she said she would probably keep doing it. Herrera Beutler certainly has remained true to her word, as our household has received eight of her expensive mailers since the spring of 2016. During the same period of time we’ve received one from Senator Patty Murray, and I know Sen. Maria Cantwell refrains from the practice entirely.

Even if today’s costs are the same, the total bill would come to a whopping $296,000 or $121,000 more than her annual salary. In her form letter regarding the tax bill, she said she was looking out for our tax dollars. Huh? It’s very apparent and clear that when it comes to lack of transparency and frivolous spending with our tax dollars Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is not in second place.

Patrick Carlson


Not getting my vote

On July 24, 2006 Trooper Scott Johnson from the Washington State Patrol stopped my vehicle for a seatbelt violation. My passenger was wearing his seatbelt incorrectly and he was given a ticket by Trooper Johnson. Although my seatbelt was properly fastened Trooper Johnson wrote me a ticket as well. He claimed that I was not wearing mine.

At the time I was a sales rep for a Fortune 300 company and drove about 40,000 miles per year. My passenger and I were in Seaview looking at the lot where my wife and I eventually built our retirement home, and where we now live. Margaret’s family has been on the Peninsula for many generations and I’ve adopted the area as my own. We love our retirement life here.

At the time I had not had any type of ticket in nearly 30 years, and was shocked that Trooper Johnson would take this action. I am still not sure if it was the out of state license plates or something else that prompted him. When he presented the ticket to me I had a number of questions that clearly made him uncomfortable. Eventually he said he needed to respond to another call and walked away.

Had I paid the ticket, it would not have affected my insurance rates, and the fine was not a large amount. Regardless, I asked for a court date, took a day of vacation, and traveled back to Long Beach for a hearing. I simply could not shake the unfairness of the experience, and wanted the court to hear me. Trooper Johnson did not appear for the hearing, and the judge dismissed the ticket.

I’m sure that Trooper Johnson served honorably, performed his duties as a trooper, and protected the public on most days. However, on the day he wrote me a ticket, he crossed a line of trust that no officer should cross. And for what?

Would Sheriff Johnson take similar action (make up a story, claim to see something he could not have seen) in a situation much more serious or life threatening than an alleged seatbelt violation? I cannot answer that question. His reelection yard signs state, “Dedicated, Respectful, Professional” He was neither respectful nor professional when I interacted with him in 2006 and he will not get my vote. I urge anyone reading this to seriously consider their vote as well.

Tom Larson


Pape has great experience

I was a PUD lineman working out of Ilwaco when the Columbus Day storm hit Pacific County. Winds that night hit 165 miles per hour, blowing trees through lines, killing power countywide for several days in some locations. Our line crew got no rest for more than 48 hours while our wives handled damage and kids at home without power or help. I got home three days later.

No complaint, public service came first and to me, still does, which is why I am backing Don Pape for PUD commissioner. Public service remains top priority with today’s PUD line crews. However, top down policies have changed radically in the past 20 years. PUD’s hired managers have conned a series of electrically illiterate elected PUD commissioners into completely wasting millions of dollars we’ve paid through our light bills. Power hookups that once cost a few hundred to homeowners now cost thousands, up to tens of thousands and this is not due to inflation. It’s due to management driven policies voted in by past elected commissioners who served the manager instead of the citizens ratepayers who actually own our PUD. And the list goes on and on.

We now have a first-time choice. Elect a willing to learn novice in Debbie Oakes or elect Don Pape with 42 years of electrical power experience. No doubt all the honest past commissioners were willing to learn but their manager was their exclusive teacher, which explains our present policies and debt.

Don Pape will not be conned. His 42 years in almost every aspect of public power, his long experience in customer priority and public service will be unmatched throughout our State’s PUD distribution systems commissioners.

We presently have two expert business and civil commissioners. Don Pape will furnish that invaluable missing industry experience and contacts. Our PUD needs Don Pape.

Dick Sheldon


Pape impresses

As a retiree with 30 years of service at the PUD, I want to encourage voters in District 2 to cast their ballot for the candidate who has years of experience in the electric power industry, Don Pape. In researching the candidates, I called and spoke to Mr. Pape. His thoughtful answers to my questions convinced me that he has the knowledge necessary to provide successful oversight of our publicly owned utility. Even more, his engaged, customer-service approach indicated that he has his priorities in order, recognizing that he would be responsible to us in overseeing this important publicly owned asset. I will be voting for Mr. Pape and encourage you to join me.

Don Beasley


Oakes is best PUD choice

It is with great strength that I endorse Debbie Oakes for the position of PUD commissioner #2. As superintendent of schools for the Ocean Beach School District I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Oakes as a member of the school board.

During the past 12 years I have been a member of the Chelan County PUD Board of Commissioners. This has given me the local perspective. Two years ago I served as president of the PUD State Association. This gave me a wider perspective on commissions and commissioners.

One of the biggest ‘takeaways’ from the state experience was who functioned as strong board members and those who seemed to not quite get the whole picture. Commissioners who were elected from the general public seemed to understand more clearly that they were there for the governance of their utility and are by far better policy makers. As a commissioner you are elected to represent the people you serve after all they are also the owners!

There were and are commissioners who have been former employees of a public utility. The knowledge they bring does have merit. However, they often seem to want to represent field employees or management or both. As a commissioner, you essentially have one employee, the general manager. It is that relationship that needs to be cultivated and matured. It is the responsibility of the commission to communicate directly to the GM as the representative of the people who elected you and hold the GM accountable. Your mantra becomes “owned by the people we serve.”

My experience with Debbie Oakes is that she is well experienced in understanding the concepts of governance, policy and service. She will represent you, the owners very well.

Dennis Bolz

Chelan County PUD President


Long should replace Herrera Beutler

When Vladimir Putin was introduced to Donald J. Trump, Putin asked for Trump’s middle name. Trump responded “Jenius.” Although this is a good joke, it’s not funny when the president of the United States is the laughing stock at the United Nations. Yet Trump has made no attempt to be a leader for all Americans, let alone the world. He has surrounded himself with crooks, both in his administration and in his businesses. He has befriended murderous despots, including but not limited to Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Duterte of the Philippines and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He’s a racist and has disrespected and abused women. He has separated children from their parents at the border and has little or no interest in reuniting them. When handing out food packages to flood victims, he has said to them “Have a great time!” instead of offering any sympathy. He and Congress tried to eliminate the Affordable Care Act without providing any viable alternative.

He endorsed tax cuts for the wealthy while offering only peanuts for us peasants. He proclaimed himself a self-made multi-billionaire with a $1 million loan from his Dad; when he actually received over $400 million from his Sugar Daddy. Yet he has still filed for bankruptcy at least 3 times. Seventeen of his nineteen hotels are losing money; and all his European golf courses are losing money. I seriously question his business skills. He has never provided his tax returns for public scrutiny. And he and his family may well be guilty of tax fraud.

One thing Trump did wisely early in his administration was follow President Obama’s lead in most business policies to extend the bull market and lower the unemployment rate, both of which started in 2010 with Obama’s stimulus package. But now Trump’s bull in a China shop approach has started a trade war. There are really no winners in a trade war. Although the American public has been generally shielded so far from the negative effects of tariffs, supply chains for manufacturing are already damaged. China has stopped buying any of our crops it can obtain from other countries. And the price of goods bought by Americans will start rising by as much as 25 percent by the end of the year, if the tariffs remain in place. To top it off, China is one of the state of Washington’s major trading partners. So where is congressional oversight of trade policy and other transgressions by the Trump administration? There is none.

Our 3rd District representative, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, has remained silent on all these issues. When her constituents have tried to send her an email, her inbox is always full. When I’ve called her office, her staff are never definitive on her issue positions. The only “town halls” she holds are at small coffee shops on short notice or via heavily-edited phone calls. Yet after Ms. Herrera-Beutler voted for tax cuts for the wealthy, which added $1.5 trillion to the national debt, she had the audacity on April 12 of this year to vote for a balanced-budget amendment, as did the other three Republican representatives in our state. Had that passed, it would have required major cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Rep. Herrera-Beutler has stated in her campaign literature for several years now she wants to reduce the cost of, and improve access to, medical care. Yet she’s never proposed, or supported, even incremental improvements. She could propose Medicare be allowed to negotiate drug costs, or putting a cap on pharmaceutical prices, like all other industrialized nations do. But pharmaceuticals are the largest donors to her campaign. She could propose needed infrastructure spending, which would also create more good-paying jobs. But that would mean giving tax dollars to the public good rather than wealthy campaign donors.

Her opponent in this campaign, Carolyn Long, has proposed these changes, and many more. She has some very good ideas for establishing skilled apprenticeship programs. She is committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security. One of her main goals as a representative is to make health care more affordable and efficient, and improving the Affordable Care Act.

Ms. Long grew up in a rural community and worked at her parents’ farm and produce stand. She has an excellent understanding of the rural issues we read about in this paper every week. She has been a college professor for the past 23 years. The last time I attended one of her town halls (at that point her 39th this year and in a large public space), Ms. Long answered every question the audience had about their concerns and proposals. She also guaranteed she will continue town halls of this type once she is elected. Recent non-partisan national polls show Ms. Long has been increasing her lead over her 4-term incumbent opponent, and now leads by 2 percent. In order for the people of the 3rd District to have any voice, we must elect Carolyn Long.

Tim Roth

Long Beach

Frazier: For the people

We have a great opportunity to elect a new state representative in the 19th Legislative District who will actually work for the people of the 19th. Erin Frazier and her family have farmed the land in Lewis County for generations. Erin has spent her entire career in education and training in Washington State as a workforce development leader and educator. She has devoted her time to getting people back to work and finding opportunities to help people succeed.

Erin believes we need to improve access to quality healthcare in our communities. She will fight to support local business and to invest in our schools. Erin has been endorsed by local and Statewide labor organizations because they know she will defend workers’ rights. What has been proven about Erin is that she will work toward achieving those goals in the legislature, not just talk about them. We have been missing that kind of commitment from the incumbent, Jim Walsh and it is time to elect a strong advocate for the people, Erin Frazier.

Linda Orgel


McClain: A proven record

Mark McClain has the proven record of excellence to be re-elected County prosecutor. McClean inherited chaotic and ineffective conditions caused by the previous County Prosecutor. He confronted extensive problems and resolved in an orderly and efficient manner. Pacific County Prosecutor’s office functions exceptionally well because of McClain’s legal skills, and his professionalism. He has implemented effective cost controls that provide Pacific County with superior legal representation at efficient cost.

Mark McCain deserves re-election as County Prosecutor for Pacific County.



Oakes well qualified

When we moved to the Peninsula 21 years ago, Debbie Oakes was one of the first people to warmly welcome us. Over those 22 years, I’ve gotten to know her very well.

She has been a successful business owner for over 40 years, and therefore understands the importance of strategic planning and cost control in order to be successful.

She is the only candidate who has lived within PUD District 2 for the past 40 years. Because of that, she is very well connected to the District 2 constituency. Since she has lived here so long and is very approachable, the District 2 community will be comfortable reaching out to her to share their concerns with her as their representative PUD Commissioner.

Not having worked for the PUD is a significant advantage over the other candidate since Debbie will approach her role as a customer, not an insider. From my own personal experience I found that non-insider directors often provided broader perspectives and guidance to management.

She is the candidate that has had public entity oversight experience. She was a member of the Ocean Beach School District Board, and therefore has a clear understanding of what it means to hold management accountable for formulating and achieving strategic plans and objectives.

Not only are strategic plans a great road map for management, but they are also an excellent way for those of us living within the District to know where our PUD is headed. Presently our PUD does not have such a plan.

In addition, her past experience has prepared her to understand the value of clearly defined policies and procedures, and the importance of the oversight needed to ensure our PUD District 2 management team is adhering to them.

In the recent Primary Election for Commissioner Position #2 she overwhelmingly defeated her two opponents - Oakes 49.8%, Pape 29.8%, Whealdon 20.3%. In addition, every one of the 7 precincts that make up the constituents for Position #2, voted soundly in favor of Debbie Oakes at the Primary.

I believe Debbie Oakes is and excellent candidate and worthy of our support.

Dennis A. Long

Ocean Park

Oakes puts public first

Debbie Oakes has the temperament, skills, and intellect to represent all of Pacific County as our PUD commissioner. She is beholden to no individuals or groups. Her opponent has received $3,000 from two families along with other contributions. Debbie has received one $500 campaign contribution and the rest of her support is in the $250 or less range. This says a lot to me because these big donors are leftover players from the last cantankerous PUD election.

What is really important in this race is who will best represent all of the citizens of Pacific County with no influence from special interest groups. Debbie understands the role of a commissioner which does not include disruptive efforts to micromanage.

Debbie has lived in Pacific County for 40 years. She has business experience and has demonstrated a solid commitment to community through her work on many boards and agencies.

A history of living and working in the community which one represents is far more important to me than a history of working for a private investor-owned out of state utility. Let’s keep the “Public” in PUD.

Debbie Oakes will not disappoint.

Steve Rogers

South Bend

Stick with Herrera

Here is what you get when voting for Ms. Long in the upcoming election.

First, if you think she will be allowed to vote against Mrs. Pelosi, you’re sadly mistaken and don’t understand how the Democratic House leadership works.

Second, the Democratic Party leadership (for example Pelosi and Waters) has stated their first priority is to impeach Judge Kavanagh, then President Trump for purely political purposes!

Third, the Democratic leadership wants to roll back the 2017 tax reform. These reforms have resulted in a growing economy (4.2 percent gross national product), lowest unemployment in over 40 years, lowest black and Hispanic unemployment ever, it brought back over 400,000 manufacturing jobs (when a Democratic president said it could not happen). You want this?

Fourth, if the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, there would be endless foolish political investigations!

Fifth, there will be an increase in sanctuary cities, no border wall and elimination of ICE. That will open our southern border to massive illegal immigration and huge drug flow!

Finally, Ms. Long and the Democratic Party will push universal healthcare! Does anyone realize that it will add billions to the yearly deficit? Yet she and the Democrats have not explained how the pay for this massive takeover and the disastrous effect on Medicare

Jamie Herrera Beutler has represented WA-3 with honor and proven results! She was just awarded the “Legislator of the Year” by the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association.

We have a lot to loose! If it’s not broke then don’t fix it!

Let’s keep America Great!

Bob Tripp

Long Beach

Call for resilient resistance

We’re living in turbulent times and we need to indulge in some resilience — the ability to withstand and recover from difficult conditions.

The best example of real resilience I know of concerns President Theodore Roosevelt.

In her 2018 book, Leadership in Turbulent Times (pp. 123-127), historian Doris Kearns Goodwin relates how TR survived childhood asthma--a lifelong affliction — but more importantly survived the nearly simultaneous deaths of his mother and young wife.

On February 14, 1884 — Valentine’s Day — TR’s beautiful 49-year-old mother Mittie, who had suffered from what was considered a severe cold, died from a lethal case of typhoid fever in New York City.

Roosevelt was at his mother’s bedside at 3 a.m. when she died.

Less than twelve hours later, Roosevelt’s young wife Alice, age 23, died as he enfolded her in his arms. She died from what was later diagnosed as Bright’s Disease, an acute kidney disease.

Just two days earlier, Alice had given birth to a healthy girl, Alice (Roosevelt Longworth).

In his Feb. 14 diary, Roosevelt lamented: “The light has gone out of my life.”

Feeling the need to escape from the catastrophe that beset his private life, TR headed for North Dakota, my home state, where he had purchased a ranch in the Badlands, spending two years living the strenuous life of a cowboy.

No longer a snuffed candle, Roosevelt punished himself with the hardest and most dangerous work of the cowboys, riding his horse sixteen hours a day, galloping at top speed over rugged terrain, and retrieving the possibility of feeling alive once again.

The daily work of the ranch, companionship of his fellow cowboys, and the sustained pursuit of his writing endeavors turned his life around, as he developed the robust masculinity we today associate with him.

Roosevelt had retreated West seeking in a state of nature, not gentle balm, but a test — a serious challenge where he could confront his deadened heart and fear of intimacy — and somehow renew confidence in himself — in the future becoming a genuine luminary, guide and inspirational leader.

I submit that if Theodore Roosevelt could endure such catastrophic circumstances and overcome them through resilience and considerable effort, then we Americans, today, can muster some resilient resistance to the catastrophic circumstances we face via the Trump administration.


Ocean Park

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