Letters to the Editor

A playful bobcat sits on John Thompson's shoulder. “Fearless cat hunters” later shot this bobcat.

Vote Anderson for PUD

I support Dick Anderson for PUD commissioner. We attended many PUD meetings together when there was the discussion of extending the PUD line to Grayland. Grayland was, and still is, served by Grays Harbor PUD and should continue that way. A $10 million bond was passed by the three commissioners for this. Is it now being used as a slush fund?

The commissioners built a substation at Ocean Park that has no function. It was supposed to connect a line from Tokeland! The line was supposed to go through the oyster beds of Willapa Bay, which will not happen.

We need common sense on the PUD commissioner board! Dick can work with Mike Swanson to make good decisions and protect the ratepayers.

Malcolm McPhail


Wolfe is a gem

I am writing to endorse Frank Wolfe for Pacific County commissioner. I have known Frank for many years and was pleased when he first tossed his hat into the ring, seeking a position on the County Commission. I had a feeling that Frank would do a good job for his constituents. It turns out the feeling was right. In fact, he has exceeded my expectations. He has been responsive to the concerns of the people of the county and successful in finding solutions to the many issues that face a diverse constituency. Not everyone who serves selflessly, but Frank falls into the category of those who do just that. I hope the people of Pacific County realize what a gem we have in Frank and re-elect him for another term.

Karen Snyder

Long Beach

Wolfe goes ‘extra mile’

I wish to encourage the voters of Pacific County to retain Frank Wolf as County Commissioner. Frank has been fiscally conservative in managing our county. He has worked well with the other commissioners in doing the county business. He has demonstrated a willingness to take as much time as needed to address the variety of issues that a commissioner faces. Even though a person might not agree with his final decision in given instances you can be assured that he has gone the “extra mile” in doing research on the issue and reached a studied decision.

Please retain Frank as he has been a responsible, caring and professional public servant for us.

Carolyn Glenn

Long Beach

GOP nominates immigrants

I attended the Washington State Republican Convention (May 21-21, 2016) as an alternate delegate, meaning I was ineligible to cast any votes. I had no plans to write about immigrants. Rather, I had every intention of going home to write about my experience as a first-time conference attendee. I took pages of notes and talked to several people hoping this would help me complete my intention.

Three immigrants re-directed my focus of what I intended to write about. I met two of them at the convention; I met the other person at the Pacific County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner on April 9.

On the last day of the convenOn

On the last day of the convention, when I was seated as a delegate, I was introduced to Hossein Khorram, from Bellevue. His engaging smile and ready handshake made me feel like I had known him for years.

When he was 17, Khorram and his family fled Iran to make new lives for themselves in America. Once here, Khorram put his drive and determination to achieve a better life in motion. He attended Washington State University, earning a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. He later used this degree working as a mechanical engineer for EISI Consulting Engineers providing mechanical engineer design services for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and the Boeing Company. Khorram later joined the Boeing Company as a senior facilities engineer.

He has been involved in politics for many years, believing strongly in political service and possessing a genuine desire to make a meaningful, positive impact. Khorram served as a Republican National Convention delegate in 2012, and as an alternate delegate in 2008. But his participation didn’t stop there. He was elected as a delegate at large to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, coming in second in the votes to Dino Rossi. He has been active in fundraising and campaigning roles for various Republican candidates.

“The GOP is the party of opportunity, I believe, for those who wish to reach their American dream,” he said.

In addition to his political involvement and being a successful business owner, Khorram makes time to give back to his community and to his country. He is the vice chairman and a member of the USO Northwest Board of Directors and Executive Board, serving members of the U.S. military and their families throughout the Pacific Northwest. He also serves on the University of Washington Persian Studies Advisory Board.

Khorram achieved his American dream through hard work and determination. He believes others can do the same.

“If we newcomers can realize the American dream despite all the challenges we faced getting here, why not the rest of us?” Khorram asked.

I met Javier Figueroa at the general session at the Republican State Convention when he took a seat beside me prior to the start of the session. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit.

Figueroa was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and moved with his family in 1956 to settle in Bay City, Texas. He was just 4 years old and already facing a huge challenge. He was mute until the age of 4. When he finally did start talking, it was with a terrible stutter.

His third grade teacher believed in him and assigned homework. The teacher gave him a book to read every week and encouraged him to keep up with the reading. Figueroa did this, and in high school read assigned books dealing with U.S. history. One day, years later, he realized he could speak without stuttering.

When he was 17 years old, Figueroa became a U. S. citizen and at 18 he volunteered for service in the Army and fought in the Vietnam War.

“I didn’t understand it at first,” Figueroa said. “But I knew that my country said it was important for democracy, and it was everything that citizenship stood for.”

Figueroa made a bid for lieutenant governor this year.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Waite at the Lincoln Day Dinner on April 9. Waite, along with other candidates, had spent the entire day campaigning across Washington state, but still found time and energy to speak to those gathered for the evening’s festivities. His eye contact with the audience did much to reinforce the sincerity of his words. At the conclusion of the event Waite took time to shake hands with, and talk to, people as they were leaving.

Waite first came to the United States in the 1990s to play professional tennis, bringing with him a lifelong passion for public service.

Perhaps this passion for public service took its roots in the country town in Australia (pop. 5,000) where he grew up. Both his mother and grandfather served as town councilors.

Waite is currently senior vice president at Bentall Kennedy, a multi-national investment managing company, managing more than $10.7 billion. Before joining this firm, Waite spent four years with Cascade Investments, Bill Gates’ private investment company with assets of more than $70 billion.

Waite looks forward to putting his private sector experience to work in the office of state treasurer. “The people of Washington State deserve a finance professional, not a professional politician, managing one of our state’s most precious resources, taxpayer dollars,” Waite said.

Immigrants have made positive contributions to America in the past and today the lives of many are enriched by the efforts of those new to our shores.

Patty Hardin


Purcell is ideal choice

I first met Teresa Purcell several months ago at the Democratic rally. I liked what she had to say regarding her plans if elected. I really feel Teresa will go forward with many years of experience. She will be able to work across both party lines. I was excited to think how effective she will be alongside our other state Democratic legislators.

We have lived in both Cowlitz and Pacific counties. We recently sold our house in the Klipsan Beach area.

Please give Teresa Purcell your vote.

Carmen DeFlumeri


Leave wild cats alone

Capt. Malast’s article in the Oct. 5 edition needs some balance. For 55 years, my family lived within 10 or 15 miles from the area of Lokovsek’s encounter, the last home next to Mount Rainier. Our ranch is now part of the park. We all have seen cats and bears but never carried a gun and certainly not bayonets.

Fearless cat hunters shot at the mother of the cat I am holding and he has held my nose in his mouth. Later that summer the cat hunters returned and shot that fine cat right in the yard. Warden Richards helped us arrange for our bobcat to go to a game farm, but alas the cat hunters got to him first.

Clearly wild animals should be left alone; they can certainly be dangerous.

John Thompson

Buckley, Wash.

Trump is our best chance

We are presently at a fundamental crossroads regarding our historic democratic republic. On Nov. 8 we will be forced to re-affirm our U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights as created by our Founding Fathers.

I believe that our U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is our nation’s best chance to rescue and preserve our country’s essence for at least the next four years. He has been highly criticized for his hairdo, and gutsy straightforward remarks on a number of issues even though the remarks have merit. I believe that Mr. Trump is potentially a “man of the people,” but he is also just a man. He has openly admitted and apologized for a frivolous remark he made a number of years ago amongst some male associates. If that is the worst the Democrat/Clinton gang can come up with I can live with that. Since then he has been accused by some women with allegations of sexual misconduct — all without proof. Some of his rallies have been probed, and incited by the “Clinton gang” with proof. Presently, he carries no negative baggage compared to Hillary whose negative baggage would fill at least a dozen baggage cars.

I like what the man is promising to do. He has specifically made reference, and promised to up hold our U.S. Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. Further, he has promised:

1. Derail Obamacare and produce a more cost/effective system; 2. Build the wall on our southern border with Mexico, and he has the backing of our U.S. Border Patrol and ICE organizations; 3. To more effectively regulate our immigration issues; 4. Rejuvenate our military, which Obama emasculated; 5. Bring back over seas jobs; 6. Render null and void all of Obama’s illegal executive decisions; 7. Rebuild trust with our allies, and create more fear and respect from our enemies, both foreign and domestic; 8. If elected, he has promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the criminal activity Hillary has been engaged in with the intent to indict her if legally justified.

Even though the FBI publicly stated that probable cause did not exist to prosecute her, there is probable cause to believe that Obama, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton made a deal not to have her indicted.

There are other laudable reasons such as significantly lowering our taxes, and I approve of all of these promises. I am voting for him and I hope the majority of voters will too for these reasons. I do believe he has the willful ability to bring us back from the dark Socialist hole we have been dragged into for the last eight years and he will make America great again.

But he needs every patriotic American’s support to do it. We can begin by voting for him on Nov. 8. My vote is for Donald Trump, and not the present Republican “Leadership R.I.N.O.s (Republicans in name only)” and “Washington establishment” bums.

So what is the alternative to Donald Trump? There is none. Voting for any third party candidate is throwing your vote away. The idiots who voted for Ross Perot because they didn’t like Bill Clinton, or George Bush made a de facto vote for Clinton who won the election by a relatively small margin. We were then saddled with “Slick Willie/Billary” for eight years.

If Hillary Clinton is allowed to take control of our country we will have “Billary” all over again. Our country cannot endure another for another four/eight years of these two modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. There will be serious consequences, both domestically, and internationally. Hillary Clinton has zero credibility. She has not accomplished any notable worthwhile achievements for our country while she has been in a position to do so. She is “All talk, and no action.” She represents the present Democrat party, which has been hijacked by left wing loons, and Marxist Muslim criminals. She is dogged by a number of heinous scandals such as the “Clinton pay for play” operation while she was Secretary of State where she took money from foreign interests for her preferential treatment towards them.

She is presently being investigated for her illegal use of her private email server regarding national classified documents, which got hacked.

She has been exposed for her continuing dishonesty and exhibits traits of a pathological liar. She has been able to operate these criminal activities while Barack Obama, and the mainstream media — which is part and parcel to the Democrat/Clinton gang — have protected her from prosecution. Any of the rest of us would have been indicted, and jailed for what she has obviously done.

At present, the FBI/attorney general has made a political decision not to indict her. That decision has brought great shame to both entities. It would appear that if you are a protected and as a favored person you will not be arrested during this present federal regime. That is unacceptable in this country, and is a national disgrace.

Her stated ambitions are opposite of Donald Trump. She wants to continue the legacy of Barack Obama, which will take our nation to complete ruin. I would vote for the devil himself before voting for her.

And if you are considering voting for Hillary because she is a woman you should be reminded that she attempted to vilify and destroy those women with whom her husband, Bill, was involved.

She has supported many countries where women are treated as second-rate beings to men, and are treated terribly.

Regardless of what political party you belong to a vote for Hillary is a vote for higher taxes and continuous assaults upon your civil rights. Don’t let this important moment become, “twilight’s last gleaming.” Vote for Donald Trump for President, and Hillary Clinton for prison. With Donald Trump as president, and we the American people to work with him, we will make America great again.

James Joyce


Vote Lignoski for PUD

I have known Mike Lignoski since grade school. Like myself, he was born and raised in Pacific County. Mike and I went to college together and have remained friends over the years. I know Mike to be a solid family man with deep roots in our community. He is thoughtful and listens to what others have to say. If you have had an opportunity to talk with Mike, you would know that he is an intelligent and able person. There is no one that I would trust more to represent Pacific County and carry out the duties of the PUD Commissioner. I am proud to say that Mike is getting my vote.

John Ledford


Lions nominated for Nobel

Lions International, the largest service organization in the world, has been honored with a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Because they are located in almost all nations, Lions are one of the first responders in an area of devastation with shelters, food, water, medical supplies and assistance.

The Peninsula Lions are very active in this area, and would encourage residents to join us in our service. We meet the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Peninsula Senior Center in Klipsan. Come join us and see what we are all about. We could use your help.

Dee Carbaugh, Secretary

Peninsula Lions Club

Vote Goelz for judge

Ed and I have been friends with Doug Goelz and his family for over 30 years. We have gone to many community events such as football, basketball and baseball games together. Doug has spent countless volunteer hours coaching, providing transportation and supporting many children in our community.

Family has always been a priority to Doug; he has always managed his time well with family, work and giving back to our community.

Doug has worked tirelessly to build a successful law practice within our community as an advocate in helping people in time of need. Now it’s our turn to give back to Doug, giving him the support he needs to become the unbiased and objective judge for our community and county that we deserve.

Ed and Loretta Ostgaard


Rogers deserves re-election

I wholeheartedly endorse Steve Rogers for re-election for Pacific County commissioner. I have known him, and observed all his capabilities, for a long enough time now to know he is the real deal. He works well with our other two commissioners as a team to effectively deal with our county’s pressing issues, especially now that he has four years of experience under his belt to figure out all the bells and whistles.

He is as honest as they come, and when he recently said this about himself, I knew he meant it: “I think my background and experience are very valuable – dealing with sticky personnel issues. I’ve dealt with big budgets. I like being visible in the community. I’ve had four good years. I haven’t screwed up. I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut, and I’ve managed to move the county forward.”

As an earlier letter writer said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Michael J. Spencer


Re-elect Wolfe and Rogers

As a member of the Shoreline Master Plan Committee and the Pacific County Marine Resources Committee I have had a lot of contact with Frank and Steve. I am impressed with three attributes of both commissioners. They are smart, they are responsive, and they work hard to serve the public.

Frank’s ability to absorb technical issues was manifestly apparent during the SMP process where he was the county’s main contact. In that process volunteers attended many, many meetings and produced a very complex document. Frank’s attention to detail was much appreciated, as was his fairness in considering complex issues. Steve’s background as a school principal shows in his attention to detail and his ability to make fair decisions about complex problems.

As a final note both commissioners have a real understanding of the budget issues facing the county. We can’t always get what we want but most of the time we can get what we need if we have good commissioners.

Take action: vote for Frank Wolfe and Steve Rogers!

Douglas Kess


Angry at commissioners

As a lifelong voting Democrat I cannot in good conscious vote for Steve Rogers or Frank Wolfe for county commissioners due to their absolute and total failure to rectify Pacific County’s seizure of private property without notice, compensation and restoration to my family members who own Alanen Road within the SE 1/4 of Section 32. As a retired 30-year public servant I have a very strong feelings about how government should work and they have failed miserably. I am reaching out to their opponents and will giving them due consideration for my vote.

Steve Gacke


Purcell has integrity

We support Teresa Purcell to be our 19th district representative in the state legislature. It’s helpful that she has strong family ties to this area and owns the family home in Columbia Heights, Longview.

What is more important to us is her integrity. She prioritizes building long-term relationships and investigates issues thoroughly. She’s smart and insightful while consistently “taking the high road.” She volunteers at the community level to help solve local problems. She networked at the state and federal level in her management of Patty Murray’s successful first campaign for U.S. senator — our “Mom in tennis shoes.”

Purcell is a leader with thoughtful ideas on education, industry diversification, housing, infrastructure, and health care. In a time of political gridlock and partisan bickering, she is a listener, a bridge-builder, and a positive force for getting good things done. Help our 19th District by voting for Teresa Purcell.

Donna and Paul McLain


Olsen asks for support

Dear South County Residents,

It was a privilege to speak with some of you last night at the AAUW forum at the Long Beach Elks. Thank you so much to this great group for hosting all of us. It was an opportunity to hear from those running for state senator, state representative, county commissioner, PUD commissioner, Pacific/Wahkiakum County Superior Court judge and to hear about some of the initiatives on the ballot next month.

One thing that was asked of me privately after we spoke last night is something I am asked quite often so I thought this would be a good opportunity to clear it up. If I am so fortunate to be elected to the county commission next month I would no longer be an employee of the Assessor’s Office. The commissioner position would be my full-time employment. I would also resign my seat on the South Bend City Council as this would be a conflict as well.

There was going to be a forum in the North County but they had both planned on the same night so the Willapa Harbor Herald asked all of us to submit a statement about why we think we should be elected commissioner. This was my response that I wanted to share with you folks as well:

In speaking with the residents of Pacific County not only these past few months as a candidate for commissioner, but for a much longer time in my capacity as an employee of the county I have become increasingly more aware of their feeling that the county be more responsive and accountable to them. Whether we are setting policy or allocating dollars we need to have the public and the effect of our decisions on them ever present in our minds when doing so. I think we can do better. Whether it is extending the hours we are available, being more proactive in our communication or striking a balance between good stewardship of and protecting our lands we need to be mindful of those we are entrusted to serve. We must spend our dollars more wisely with short and long term goals in mind. Make it a priority to ensure adequate public safety while still being able to fund the other needs of the county. Work with the leaders of our Dept. of Community Development to provide an environment where economic development can flourish while maintaining our rural appeal and quality of life. If I, as an employee, am frustrated with what is going on within our county then it is easy to see why the public is also. There are offices in the county that are working well and we need to support and encourage them to continue to do so. However, we cannot continue to pretend that all areas are in that same state and must be prepared and willing to spend the time and energy into making these areas more responsive, efficient and accountable not only in their day to day operations but also in planning for the future and the sustainability of the county.

I am asking for your vote and am promising you one thing: I will listen to all your concerns and do my very best to address them.

Thank you,

Lisa Olsen

South Bend

Vote Hill to end litigation

While I applaud the editor for calling Wolfe out on suit against Dan Driscoll, I can’t fathom his support for Wolfe. Just how much is this misguided project costing the taxpayers? How much more will it cost in future litigation? Each higher level of court has given Driscoll the win (and rightly so obviously) and now we are appealing the latest judgment. This appears to be a personal matter, not a legal one. Let me guess: I bet property taxes will increase for our county, whose funds are pitiful to say the least, and in this climate we continue to litigate a small business? Why? Another sign that this is personal is Wolfe’s calling out Driscoll at a public forum. Granted, Driscoll didn’t do himself any favors (he has apologized for his behavior) but who among us would not have acted out in anger after being personally and inappropriately reproached by someone who has spent years trying to close down their business on very shaky legal grounds (and that’s being generous)? I, for one, am tired of this abuse of one small business and misuse of our money. Vote Hill and save us some money.

Betsey Nelson

Ocean Park

Purcell is impressive

It is election time — and it’s an interesting one this year. We have candidates to meet and initiatives to study. One race that impacts our local area is for representative to our 19th Legislative District in Olympia. And I’m supporting Teresa Purcell.

Teresa’s education and background are truly impressive. She was born and raised in Longview. She moved away, gained tremendous experience, and has now come home to share that experience with us. She studies issues, communicates effectively with everyone and is independent enough to stand up for what she thinks is right.

If you haven’t met her yet, I hope you will. She is an intelligent and charming person. Vote for Teresa!

JoAnne Baker


Driscoll reviews issues

Frank Wolfe finally revealed (in the Oct. 12, issue of the Chinook Observer) why our county government allocates vast amounts of its scarce and precious resources challenging every aspect of commercial operations at the Oysterville cannery structures in what seems like every possible way. We now know unlawful enforcement actions are taken against Oysterville Sea Farms “to use the county to punish Dan.” Using the county to punish any citizen is abusive. I will stand up to it. I encourage all voters to do the same in this election.

Pacific County does not have any valid reason to interfere with OSF. In Court, Oysterville Sea Farms is victorious on all fronts. Pacific County has asked the Court of Appeals to make a discretionary review of the Superior Court OSF decision. No one knows if the Court of Appeals will do so. It’s unknown what opinion the Court of Appeals will make if it agrees to review the Superior Court’s OSF decision. While our current commissioner may disagree with decisions made by Judge Goelz and Judge Fabian regarding OSF, it is inappropriate for him to state they violated both local and state laws with their decisions. Judge Goelz and Judge Fabian considered briefs, argument, testimony and exhibits related to local and state laws when they made their OSF decisions. That’s what they do. They are judges. They are experts in local and state laws. Their decisions regarding grandfathering did not determine that “Grandfathering means that you can do anything you want.” They simply confirm decisions Pacific County made regarding the commercial use of the Oysterville cannery structures when Pacific County had directors of community development with planning degrees. Pacific County did not begin its unlawful enforcement against OSF until it had a community development director with no planning background. Her response when the issues of grandfathering and the cannery structures were first raised was: “No one is grandfathered when it comes to zoning.” This is an untrue statement. Pacific County has ordinances that specifically address grandfathering.

Since becoming commissioner, Frank has gained all of his information regarding Oysterville Sea Farms from those hostile to OSF. Dick Sheldon contributed $500 to Frank Wolfe’s 2012 campaign. If Frank has clear and specific knowledge Dick Sheldon is “using the county to punish” me, he needs to make that information public. If he does not, he needs to apologize to Dick Sheldon for defamation. The fact that Frank believes Pacific County is being used in a personal vendetta is shocking revelation. Do voters really want commissioners who allocating precious county resources to be spent this way? Frank says Pacific County — OSF litigation is a “family problem.” It isn’t. It became a county issue the day my uncle filed a complaint about my business with the county. In Pacific County all complaints must be considered, but that does not mean all complaints are valid. Once a complaint is received, due process needs to be followed prior to enforcement. In the case of OSF, Pacific County did not do that. There is no Pacific County investigation report for the complaint against OSF. Pacific County loses in court after court because it has a losing position. Pacific County’s losing position never has and never will stand up to a due process decision.

Due to his merchant marine background, Frank is an expert when it comes to charts. His chart reading skills should translate to map reading skills. Which leads me to ask… why is he supporting Pacific County enforcement against OSF based on rules from a district that none of Oysterville is in? A skilled map reader like Frank should quickly see Pacific County is trying to enforce rules on OSF for a district none of Oysterville is in. Why is he supporting enforcement actions against OSF that demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of Pacific County’s infraction system and land use regulations? Why does he ignore facts as he allocates county resources “to punish Dan”? What motivates him to resort to calling me a “bank robber” when facts and courts don’t support his position that he is upholding the law?

The litigation process in not driven by me. It is county commissioners who choose to take their losing position to court after court. I am simply standing up to Pacific County’s continuing attempts to make unlawful enforcement actions against my business. One would hope that an elected representative would want to work towards a common understanding or the truth. It is also hoped he would give one of his constituents the benefit of the doubt while issues are being resolved in court and refrain from making incorrect statements comments related to ongoing litigation. County charges against me are invalid and have been proven to be invalid in court. All citizens should be concerned when a elected official not only denies one of his constituents due process from the county, but also denies the results of due process from our court system. While I disagree with our current commissioners decision to waste more county money appealing Judge Goelz and Fabian’s decisions, I acknowledge their legal right to do so. I am anxious and willing to work with Wolfe, Olsen, Hill, Ayers and Rogers as long as we are working under the rule of law. Due to decisions Pacific County has made, there will be a confirmation or clarification of the Superior Court’s decision regarding OSF by the Court of Appeals.

At the last Ocean Park Chamber Area Chamber of Commerce meeting, Frank Wolfe called me out and offered me a way out of hard won court victories. I have since apologized to Frank for my response. If Frank does have a genuine way to end county-caused conflict with Oysterville Sea Farms, the specifics will have to be vetted by the prosecutor’s office. They will in turn relay that information to my attorney. Any other approach or ex parte conversations with voters would be inappropriate due to current legal circumstances. Fred Hill, Lisa Olsen, Steve Rogers and Jim Walsh have all taken the time to hear my perspective on the County-OSF issue. I am confident that if elected, Fred Hill and Lisa Olsen will discontinue Pacific County’s unlawful enforcement attempts against OSF. Since most facts regarding the Pacific County’s unlawful attempts against OSF are now public record briefs, testimony and exhibits, there is very little, commissioners and I can not discuss. I am looking forward to working with commissioners who actually uphold the law rather than ones who act like they are the law.

Some in this community have attempted to tell others what is I want. Please don’t listen to anyone who attempts to speak for me. Only my attorney is authorized to do so. What I want is Fair and Equal treatment under the law for all citizens. Oysterville Sea Farms is my heritage, life’s work and livelihood. My daughter, employees and family depend on its well being. I want Oysterville Sea Farms to continue to preserve the only oyster building in the entire Untied States on the National Register of Historic Places. Oysterville Sea Farms is currently the only business on the Long Beach Peninsula that offer the public access to Willapa Bay. I want to continue providing this public access. I want to promote our local oyster and cranberry culture. If Frank doesn’t want the same things as I, I hope we can find a way to move forward based on decisions regarding Oysterville Sea Farms that have been vetted by due process.

Dan Driscoll


Hazen wants change

Fed up with county politics as usual? Time for change again! That’s why I am supporting Fred Hill and Lisa Olsen for the county commissioner races, and Dick Anderson for PUD commissioner.

Well, with all the flip-flopping by the county over fixing their failed tide-gate that has been flooding and damaging my property since January I cannot support any of the current county commissioners this election. I am glad that they have finally decided to fix it. I hope it’s soon to prevent any further damage or jeopardize public safety any further.

Other issues over the last four years that have also influenced my decision of no confidence in the current board of county commissioners are how the have drug their feet on assisting the upper Naselle road slide fix, the dragging on with the Oysterville Sea Farms issues even when two courts have substantially ruled in favor with OSF, and the lack of following through with complete abatement of violations such as with the RV park out by the Astoria-Megler Bridge and the many violations that the department of community development has failed to enforce upon over the last several years. The new updated regulations such as the Shoreline Master Plan and critical areas regulations won’t make any difference when the county fails to enforce the current ones. Just more of what appears to be arbitrary and capricious enforcement.

Now I hear DCD is talking about scrapping the computer permit tracking system that they spent $90,000 on upgrading a few years age as it has failed to function … or is it the county’s fault? From what I observed before I left, it appeared to be a good upgrade that would be a good tool for tracking permits to see when they were submitted, when they were sent for review by staff and when issued, etc. A good tool for transparency and accountability, who’s doing their job and who’s not. There is even talk about scrapping the entire system. Then there is the constant whining issues about staffing levels. Folks, I worked with the county permitting system for 28 years. I know it inside and out. The problem is poor management, and the lack of adequate oversight by the Board of County Commissioners. We are already paying a fair pay for qualified people. Shouldn’t we be hiring competent, qualified professionals that have the experience, education and credentials already instead of politically micro-training them? I have worked under some excellent managers hired from outside the area over the years. We pay them the big bucks and we shouldn’t have to hire consultants to do their jobs! Just go on the DCD website and listen to one of the recordings from one of the regulation update meetings and you will know what I’m talking about. Don’t forget your popcorn!

Then back to the department of public works. When I sent an email earlier this year about safety — with all the current concerns on Parpala Road they had the entire maintenance crew here for five weeks repairing road shoulders and sinkholes in the road, but failed to address one of the worst shoulder failures occurring at that time and now it has failed with the recent rains which will be a costly repair. And what about the paving of the beach approaches over the last few years which has mostly been destroyed and has increased maintenance costs significantly … or the duck pond we paid for up on Loomis drainage at 225th? We need to hold our county officials accountable!

I feel the current BOCC is failing to provide adequate oversight of these departments to see that our tax dollars are being wisely spent. That is why I am supporting Lisa Olsen, Fred Hill and Dick Anderson. I have known and worked around them for 30 years and I feel they have the qualities and experiences needed to manage the county in these much needed areas. I urge you to vote for them on Nov. 8! If we don’t see change, you will be hearing plenty more from me.

Bob Hazen


Angry at commissioners

As a lifelong voting Democrat I cannot in good conscious vote for Steve Rogers or Frank Wolfe for county commissioners due to their absolute and total failure to rectify Pacific County’s seizure of private property without notice, compensation and restoration to my family members who own Alanen Road within the SE 1/4 of Section 32. As a retired 30-year public servant I have a very strong feelings how government should work and they have failed miserably. I am reaching out to their opponents and will giving them due consideration for my vote.

Steve Gacke


Purcell has integrity

We support Teresa Purcell to be our 19th district representative in the state legislature. It’s helpful that she has strong family ties to this area and owns the family home in Columbia Heights, Longview.

What is more important to us is her integrity. She prioritizes building long-term relationships and investigates issues thoroughly. She’s smart and insightful while consistently “taking the high road.” She volunteers at the community level to help solve local problems. She networked at the state and federal level in her management of Patty Murray’s successful first campaign for U.S. senator — our “Mom in tennis shoes.”

Purcell is a leader with thoughtful ideas on education, industry diversification, housing, infrastructure, and health care. In a time of political gridlock and partisan bickering, she is a listener, a bridge-builder, and a positive force for getting good things done. Help our 19th District by voting for Teresa Purcell.

Donna and Paul McLain


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