Serving at ‘Best Lunch Ever’

I love serving lunch to the children and their parents. It gives me such satisfaction to see those happy faces; spending time talking with them and making them feel very special. There is nothing like it! The lunch is provided by the church to add to the whole experience. I look forward to this event every year and I want to continue serving these precious young people.

Thank you for the blessing of serving.

If you wish to contribute by donating school supplies, DROP OFF locations in Long Beach: Chinook Observer office, 205 Bolstad Avenue East, Suite 2; Great Northwest Federal Credit Union, 705 S Pacific Ave; in Ocean Park: Timberland Library, 1308 256th Pl; Bank of the Pacific, 1802 Bay Avenue; Great Northwest Federal Credit Union, 1409 S 251st Pl; Peninsula Baptist Church, 23802 Pacific Hwy 103; in Ilwaco: Timberland library, 158 First Ave. and in Chinook: All Seasons Kidstuff, 786 St. Rte 101.

The Pack2School Event is Tuesday, Aug. 29, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Baptist Church, 23802 Pacific Hwy 103 in Ocean Park. “The Best Lunch Ever” is provided and as well as carnival outside. Volunteers are needed. To volunteer and/or receive more information, contact Mike at 360-665-4614. You can also contact PACK2SCHOOL at Only two weeks until Pack2School!

Elaine Hamley

Ocean Park

Working on borrowed time…

In your paper the week of Aug. 2, I read an article called “An Employer Speaks” by Sydney Stevens, “The first 13 Years” and I can’t help but wonder how long do these illegals think they can get away with living here illegally? It is kind of like when the Jews hid from the Nazis, I picture. How long can one look over one’s shoulder?

It is about time we got someone in office who will get something done about this problem. I have a solution to this problem but most people think it’s too crass. Too bad — probably the taxpayer has to pay for their deportation. The kids and wives cry when their husbands are taken away, so maybe take the whole family and send them back with their illegal dad. It’s his fault, not Trump’s or ICE.

These people don’t seem to understand that you have to become a citizen to live here 15 or 18 years. Do they pay taxes? Do they have a Social Security number or does the employer pay them under the table? I hope there’s no more of these sob stories in the paper cause to tell you the truth, it makes me ill. Proud to be an American citizen.

Nick Glanschneg


Support legal immigration

In response to the second of two articles regarding the circumstances of the illegal aliens who have been detained and deported, I would simply say it is truly sad. But these people knew they were breaking our laws when they came here illegally.

There are as of this month just over 4.4 million people who are on the waiting list to immigrate to the United States legally! Almost all legal immigrants come here to better their lives and they have waited for many years to be here. So I would suggest you stop publishing the stories about these illegals.

As for the teachers predicting layoffs for school staffs, it’s all about having the appropriate staffing for the student population. No different than any other occupation. Supporting people who break laws should not be publicized. Remember that for every job an illegal alien takes in this country, that is one less job for a legal citizen.

Richard Cicerelle

Ocean Park

Add curbside recycling

I commend Martha Williams and Larkin Stentz for their advocacy of the plastic bag ban. Plastic bags have no place in our coastal community. In addition to this ban, I would like to see curbside recycling instituted. It is sad to see the amount of paper, bottles and plastic that are sent to landfill. Yes, you can drive some of your recyclables to the drop site but I would bet that more items would be recycled if curbside service were available. It is available in most communities, why not the Long Beach Peninsula?

Gwen Scott

Long Beach

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