New president must work with other lawmakers

Last week, Edie Faylor mentioned a GOP meeting she attended at which “being a Trump supporter put me in the category of serial killer or a complete idiot.” I was at the meeting and spoke for some time with Edie. First of all, I want to apologize if she felt the least bit uncomfortable for expressing her ideas. I completely respect her perspective and ideas and her right to them. The right to your own ideas and perspective are a basic right in this country that we all value. And while I respect her right to her ideas, and apologize if she felt uncomfortable; I must politely disagree with the foundational argument she makes in last week’s letter.

I lived in California during the Arnold Schwarzenegger term, in California. I, like a plurality of Californians, voted for him with the belief his experience and success in business coupled with his lack of ties to the political establishment would drive greater consensus. I even hoped that his connections, through marriage to the highest echelons in the Democratic Party, would enable greater consensus across the aisle. It did not. His term was a complete and total failure.

The reason for this failure is simple to understand with the right experience and perspective. As someone who has run a fairly large (no where near as large as Trump, but over 100 employees) family owned and founded business, like Trump, I understand that a successful culture is built around a team that supports and enables the creative ideas that emanate from the leader. It is not about consensus for an idea. It is about the successful execution of it. Thus, Arnold and by extension Trump, are people used to discussing how their idea will get implemented, not whether it has merit.

Politics is different in that a president must build consensus with more than 535 other leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives. In fact, while the president can germinate an idea, both the Senate and House must support the idea so much that they actually write the business plan (the law itself). Trump has already proven that he is not capable of doing this yet. His delegate debacles in Colorado and Louisiana show he is ignorant of how the public sector operates. He will learn, but my fear is that it will be too late; as it was for Arnold.

With an ineffective and disruptive Congress and Senate, I believe that we need to elect a person that understands how the public sector operates and how to create consensus and momentum and that is why I am supporting Ted Cruz. I respect Trump supporters. I sympathize with their frustration. However, the only way to really change an organization is from the inside with focus and determination; not from the outside with a bullhorn and wrecking ball.

Antony Barran

Ocean Park

Sanders is best choice to restore democracy

Once again Mr. Earley missed the mark in the Pacific County Press, April 7 opinion section. His target is socialism, Hillary a socialist? Come on, Joe. It would seem that Joe is not alone in being off target. “Fox Noise” and the right have been calling Obama a socialist, Muslim, communist, etc. for years. Hardly — his administration is full of Bush men and Wall Streeters. Not one bankster has been prosecuted. He has escalated Bush’s wars relentlessly, while strengthening the security state, and chasing down those true patriots, whistle blowers.

So here we are today, with the two heirs apparent Jeb and Hillary either out or struggling; with pundits, talking heads, and political hacks scratching their heads and expressing confusion over the rise of Sanders and Trump. Confusion? I think not, people are angry and distrustful of the establishment and status quo. Hillary and the Democratic National Committee are in bed with corporations and Republicans are owned lock, stock and barrel by corporations. This gave rise to Bernie Sanders — who is not owned by corporations and is a steady voice of the man on the street — and Trump, the demagogue expressing the hate and fear of many Americans. Bernie speaks truth to power and Trump calls out the hypocrisy, duplicity and treachery of his party without offering solutions.

Why the anger? Well, I guess a good place start are 30 years of growing income disparity, justice for some, outsourcing American jobs, falling wages, political corruption, and government sold to the highest bidder. Just a start.

So Hillary is more of the same, a corporate Democrat, Cruz is a shill and Trump is a huckster selling fear and hatred of the worst kind.

Bernie appeals to people because his body of work, his vision and words echo the dreams, desire and hopes of the everyday American. He alone walks the talk.

It is not surprising that Bernie is bucking the trend and overcoming obstacles set before him by his own party. The people are fed up with both parties. Be it holding back party funds, super delegates toeing the party line, manipulating debates, voter suppression, Florida chads, Arizona chicanery, Wyoming miscounts — Americans want change, real change, they do not want the status quo. Bernie won every county and legislative district caucus in the state by 79 percent, yet the super delegates are supporting Hillary?

Chris Thompson

South Bend

Too many people causing global extinction event

We can have salmon without rivers, trees without forests, mariculuture without oceans? Human colonies on Mars? Do we think we can have humans without a biosphere? Technology without understanding is not science. It’s suicide.

In the science of ecology the phenomenon of one species expanding its population by taking the resources of another is called takeover. When a species uses resources at rates that are not sustainable, it lives at the cost of its future and is called drawdown. The result of both is called overshoot and the result is ecological degradation followed by population crash. It works every time, whether the species is a microorganism or a human, whether the experiment takes place in petri dish or a planet, whether people are liberal or conservative. The evidence supporting the contention that we are in a global extinction event is undeniable.

Jack Scharbach


Willapa market making changes this year

Public Market on the Willapa has a lot of changes as of April 1, including new management. Our long-time manager, Carol Dunsmoor, took a well-deserved retirement after 20 years at the market. We are actively looking for new members/vendors. Contact the Public Market at 360-942-4133 or Roz at 360-208-4943. The market is open Fridays and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our rent was raised 60 percent by the last City Council as of April 1. We are welcoming sponsors of the market who would help defray some of our extra costs. Please contact Jerry Gould at 360 942-8224.

Look for fun new things happening at the market throughout the rest of the year.

Roz Pousette, Charlene Needham, Mickey Kindell

Transition Team, Raymond

To improve health, stay away from grain

It seems to me that sugar is not the only culprit when it comes to obesity. All grains in general become sugars in the body. They are, in my opinion, the real cause of all the health problems in America. We did not evolve to eat grains. We do not need grains in our diets. There are no essential carbohydrates. Our bodies can make all of the carbohydrates we need from meat and veggies. Necessary fiber can be found in vegetables. And grains have very little of the nutrients we do need. A diet of vegetables and a little meat can provide all of the nutrients we need.

Unfortunately, grain is everywhere. Cattle are fed grains in feedlots to force them to grow faster. Pigs are fed grains in small cages to force them to grow faster. Chickens and turkeys are fed grains to make them grow faster. Cows are fed grains to make them produce more milk. Corn products are found in almost every preprocessed food found in the grocery store. This makes it very hard to cut grains from our diets.

However, it can be done. We can buy meat from local farmers. We can buy produce from local farmers. We can plant and grow our own veggies. If we refuse to buy and eat grain-based products, the stores will stop carrying them. They will be forced to carry real food! And, most importantly, we will be healthier. Obesity will disappear. Heart disease and Alzheimer’s will disappear. Our medical bills will disappear!

So, let’s get healthy! Buy locally. Buy from Farmer’s Markets. Grow your own! Let’s take back control of what we eat!

Nancy Bradbee


Sack DCD and provide more funds to sheriff

We have read about standing water and sewage at a local trailer park. First it is passed to the state, then the Department of Community Development or DCD. They still are the same “do nothing department” they were 16 years ago when we moved here.

This park, as we all can see with our own eyes, has been neglected over time. Where was DCD then? I’m wondering when they go home at night if they think about what sewage on the ground does to children who may play in it. Children do not understand. How about the elderly who are afraid they may have to move and are scared, they have no money or food? We can’t see what goes on there except from the outside — the inside may look the same.

As you drive to Sandridge you pass lots of old cars sitting in mud, with an occasional boat or horse ready to fall over from neglect. Moving ahead to Sid Snyder Drive, we find a homeless person living with raccoons, mice, no heat or water. Is this another issue of, “Who’s responsibility is it?”

I think the answer is to sack DCD and increase the sheriff patrol.

Rose McCabe

Ocean Park

Citizens poorly served by WDFW fish policies

This is how fisheries management in the state of Washington works. First, you advertise in January that we are expecting the biggest run of fish this year in the Columbia River since 1938. You then open fishing when there are very few fish in the river. On April 1 you sell all the excited fisherman their required new fishing licenses for the year.

On April 8, when the fish are finally in the river, you close all fishing. All the fish go up the river to be gillnetted above the dam, the lower river sport and commercial fisherman get few fish, and the game department gets all the money. A very good business deal….

The fisheries department’s recent emergency closure, with little advance warning, on the last day of an already short season was an unwise decision. I found out about the Saturday closure on Friday afternoon. We had bought bait, tackle and food. We had friends and family coming from as far away as Seattle. Two of these people had taken time off from their jobs. This decision affected a lot of other people with similar circumstances. Businesses and professional guides had counted on this day of fishing. If the fish runs are in such dire conditions then they should never have opened the season in the first place. They say that if the run improves, they may reopen the river at a later date. Wouldn’t a better decision to have been to leave the river open the one more scheduled day and then maybe reopen it a day or two later in the late season? The game department’s management policies seem to be doing a disservice to the fisheries resource and the citizens that are trying to enjoy it.

Ron Spahman

Long Beach

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