Get personally involved

in public safety issues

Pacific County Sheriff Johnson’s problem as described on the front page article in the Observer last week is a citizen problem as well. He will need the help of the people he serves. He is not alone, as many smaller communities face similar money shortfalls in Oregon. They, too, are in the news and the only way to fix the problem is by action of citizens who care enough to pick up their phones and make the calls to their state and federal representatives and in this particular case, those elected officials who can do something to see that the sheriff gets the help he needs.

So, as one person who has been there in this drill here in Portland, I strongly urge everyone who has read the article or knows of the problem to get involved and do so with neighbors, relatives, fellow church or club members, whomever, and attend the meetings, make the calls, write the letters. That is really the only way this is going to get rectified, so that when you need emergency help, you will get it. Yes, in some instances, you may be able to handle it yourself, you say — but your neighbor, relative, friend, grandma, or others may not!

Public safety is priority one in most folk’s minds and if we do not step up to the plate and help the cops help us when we need them, then we can only blame ourselves when things go sideways in our time of need. So people of Pacific County, this is your time to rise to the occasion and make it your public and personal duty to get involved. Been there, done that myself, and it works, because our elected officials really do want our voices in their ears. If everyone who read the Observer article or reads this letter takes a few minutes, or even an hour or two at a meeting, it can pay off for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Don’t just think about it, do it, and you will feel good because you made the effort.

Ron Clemenson

Seaview and Portland

Lean times are here

for sheriff’s office

Read last week’s article about the sheriff’s office lean budget.

A few years ago during the last sheriff’s election, I recall certain campaign promises or assertions how the challenger could essentially “do more with less (resources)” than the incumbent.

With that, I have full confidence the sheriff knows what he’s doing during these lean times.

Robert W. Bonney


CIA’s careful process

avoided collateral damage

It’s a national disgrace how our lame duck president, many politicians and talking heads are bad mouthing our police, CIA and armed services. The recent grand jury decisions have been nothing but an excuse for some troublemakers to destroy property and prevented hardworking citizens from supporting their families. Our president and his attorney general have displayed a lack of any leadership, and are actually making racial tensions worse.

The vast majority of America citizens of all colors are exceptional and generous people, and we deserve better leadership, which was unquestionably expressed in the Nov. 4 election. Obama got handed a bad defeat of his policies and he’s had a sore rear-end since then. He is looking for ways to change the focus from him.

I’m sure most of you reading this letter recall 9/11, when we lost 3,000 of our fellow citizens. We all wanted answers and the CIA got those answers. Now, the select Senate (Democrat-controlled) committee wants to rewrite history for some unknown political reason by throwing the CIA and those who supported fighting the terrorists under the bus. They have developed some moral authority B.S., as if it’s unkind to ask hard questions from those wanting to kill us, but it’s acceptable to send a drone and kill potential terrorists. If it takes out their family in the process… well, they consider that is just collateral damage. The CIA’s enhanced integration technique is a one-on-one process to develop intelligence from those wanting to kill us; there is no collateral damage.

Do we have some cops that have acted inappropriately? Yes, I’m sure we do and they should be disciplined under the law. Looting, burning of private property and disrupting other’s lives has no logical relationship to peaceful demonstrations. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Who would you call if you were in need of protection? Is there a 911 service for the troublemakers in our country? How about calling a terrorist, or a rioter? On Nov. 4, the people spoke. We demand a course correction. For sure, Obama didn’t get the memo.

I say: Thank God for our police, CIA and armed services. Let’s keep them well equipped and trained, which is the primary function of our government — to protect us.

Ron Craig

South Bend

Critical date is

coming up quickly

If you are currently enrolled through the state’s Washington Health Plan Finder (or plan to enroll in 2015), be sure to log-on to your account (dashboard) at and select and pay for your plan before 4:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 23. Unlike in prior years when your insurance would automatically renew year to year, for nearly everyone this is no longer the case. Do not let your coverage lapse. If you do not select a plan and schedule payment, you will be automatically disenrolled and will not have coverage Jan. 1. So, don’t delay! Log-in and renew, select a plan and pay. Or, call them directly. If you need help selecting a plan, and there are new plans to select from, call our office 642-0033.

Shelly Pollock


Long Beach

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