Trump was elected on purpose

Last week’s letter “It still should be OK to be smart” was quite troubling, enough so I could barely muster a response.

First, why are we discussing people’s IQ to begin with? Only to build ourselves up? Class division based on IQ? To dismiss our country’s General Election decision to a bunch of lesser-intelligent people? Making an assumption they were “duped” rather than they made this choice on purpose?

Folks, the liberals were just as nasty to President Bush the whole time he was in. Every single day anything that happened was Bush’s fault, according to the media. If you read his book, his decision points were deeper and more thoughtful than any doctor or diplomat. He was a highly moderate president, but it just … didn’t … matter.

So now we gave you President Trump. You can insult our intelligence all you want, doctor, but I’m here to tell you it was on purpose.

Robert W. Bonney


President’s budget shreds food safety net

For more than 40 years, there has been strong bipartisan consensus that hunger has no place in America. President Trump’s budget breaks that proud tradition with massive cuts to programs that effectively fight hunger, lift people out of poverty, and help our communities thrive. Congress must reject this punitive budget and preserve the integrity of the safety net for low income people in our community and in communities like ours all across the country.

We all have a role in our community’s response to hunger, and Ocean Park Food Bank and our 25 volunteers work hard to provide food to more than 1,200 people every month. But we know that America’s first line of defense against hunger is SNAP, the federal food stamp program. SNAP is a critical source of nutrition for many of our clients and for nearly one million Washingtonians statewide. SNAP benefits are spent in our local grocery stores and in farmers markets across our state, supporting all kinds of food businesses and their employees and generating $1.79 in local economic activity for every $1 spent. Yet President Trump’s budget slashes an already underfunded SNAP program.

Trump’s budget not only cuts $193 billion from SNAP over the next 10 years, it also ends the federal commitment to provide food assistance to low income people by shifting 25 percent of SNAP’s cost to states over 10 years. For Washington alone, this would cut over $2.5 billion in federal funding. As our state would not likely be able to offset the deficit created by these cuts, Trump proposes allowing states to cut back benefits, even eliminating the minimum benefit — currently only $16 per month for a household. Just eliminating the minimum benefit would result in 54,000 people in Washington, mostly elderly and people with disabilities, losing SNAP benefits altogether. There are also changes that would impact retailers, creating new costs for accepting SNAP benefits. This would cause small businesses to drop out of the program and leave low income people with limited or no options, especially in rural communities like ours.

There are many, many more cuts to the safety net in this budget proposal — from Social Security Disability Insurance to affordable housing to utility assistance — programs that many of our clients rely on to preserve basic standards of living when their jobs don’t pay enough, there just aren’t any jobs, or they are too young, too sick, or too disabled to have a job.

This does not make America great again. Congress must vote for a budget that provides a reliable foundation for our community’s health and well-being by preserving the safety net for all of us.

Michael Goldberg

Ocean Park

County continues pointless OSF ‘witch hunt’

Without warning, investigation, hearing or right of appeal, Pacific County began its unlawful interference of Oysterville Sea Farms seven years ago today. OSF was slowly and openly built with the full knowledge and approval of Pacific County government. This is a fact vetted in courts and confirmed by judges.

Rather than acknowledge its own role in the development of OSF and court decisions regarding OSF, Pacific County defends egregious, erroneous, and unlawful enforcement actions its development department made while Faith Taylor-Eldred was its director. These enforcement actions are based on untrue, uninvestigated and unproven allegations. Rather than hold Taylor-Eldred accountable for her errors, commissioners Lida Ayers, Frank Wolfe and Steve Rogers protected her, colluded with her, renewed her contract and rehired her after she resigned. They did all this after they had knowledge she wasn’t following the same rules as the rest of us, had stolen public resources and allegedly was withholding public documents from the public. Taxes are going up because leadership of Pacific County has put the interests of a few colluding cronies above the interests of due process, justice and the welfare of all Pacific County citizens.

Ayers, Wolfe, and Rogers chose to appeal the July 27, 2016, Superior Court’s OSF decision. OSF was victorious on all fronts in this decision. On June 7 was Mark McClain’s prosecutor’s office’s deadline to submit the final brief to the Court of appeals. Mark McClain was elected to provide a much desired and needed change to how Prosecutor David Burke executed the responsibilities of this office. In regards to OSF, there has been no change.

The prosecutor’s office is still trying to set bizarre legal precedents to justify, after the fact, Pacific County’s enforcement actions against OSF. If Pacific County wins in the court of appeals, it will become the first municipality in the U.S.A. that can:

1. Fine a business for selling “non-grandfathered items.”

2. Ticket a business for violating rules from a county district it is not in.

3. Ticket a business for using a valid license.

No matter how Pacific County’s witch hunt against OSF turns outs, everyone loses. The longer our commissioners pursue their losing approach to OSF, the more precious county resources they will spend. Rather than stop this wasteful spending, they are already planning to raise taxes. If leaders won’t change this approach to governing, this community needs to find new leaders who will.

Dan Driscoll


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