Just stop it

Every murder, threat, intimidation, racist remark and demeaning name calling of the other endangers our democracy and diminishes our country. Please stop.

John Klein

Long Beach

Address safety now

I worked for Pacific County for 39 years with the main office being in the courthouse. The issue of safety is not a new one. For years, some employees and elected officials have asked the county commissioners to solve the problem. My experience was a response that typically was no response or we will respond when there is an event that kills a lot of people. County employees, elected officials, citizens and those who are required to be at the courthouse deserve an attempt at safety that includes screening of persons and belongings prior to entering the building. This problem can be resolved. It should be a priority for all concerned.

I would like each elected county official and the county unions to respond to two questions publicly on the record.

1. Should screening of persons and belongings prior to entering the courthouse become a reality. Yes or no.

2. If your answer is yes, what will you do to make sure this happens.

In my opinion, “it’s not my problem” and “I can’t do anything” are not acceptable. You can come up with a plan to advocate for and achieve the goal of making the courthouse a safe place for everyone.

Wayne Leonard

Long Beach

We’re causing dead zones

We live in a society which depends on burning fossil fuels. Our vehicles run on them, our electricity is created using them; they are used to makes plastics and electronics. But the use of fossil fuels causes problems. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon into the air. This carbon is absorbed out of the air into the oceans where it makes the oceans more acidic, thus causing dead zones. Fish can’t live in dead zones, but jellyfish can.

As these dead zones expand, we are heading back to a situation the Earth was 100,000 years ago. Unless we act today, it will take 100,000 years for the Earth to recover. Meanwhile, almost all life on Earth will die. This is not an exaggeration. We are not dead yet! We can stop (or at least lessen) the destruction.

The best thing we can do is switch to electricity generated by solar, wind and water power. I know it costs money none of us has. We can tell PUD we want to switch to solar and wind power. We can talk to our elected officials. We can cut down on the electricity we do use and on the miles we drive. If we all work on this, we can stop the dead zones from expanding and maybe make them smaller!

Please don’t let petrochemical companies drive us to extinction!

Nancy Bradbee



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