Village Club attracts a crowd

A tremendously heartfelt thank you to Department of Community Development Code Enforcement Officer Tammy Engel for her informative and candid presentation at last week’s Village Club meeting. We asked for information on ways residents could achieve better results regarding ordinance issues and she delivered! Last night’s meeting gave attendees a chance to voice concerns, ask about process and understand the obstacles faced by this section of the DCD. It was shocking to learn that Ms. Engel is the only enforcement officer for the entire Pacific County!

We also thank Sheriff Scott Johnson for changing his schedule to attend the meeting at short notice. Law enforcement and code enforcement often go hand in hand and his insight was appreciated. Ms. Engel and Sheriff Scott remained after the meeting for almost an hour to speak directly with attendees. Thank you, too, to Fire District #1 for the “use of the hall.” This was our third meeting and we have been welcomed each and every time. The Chinook Observer has been supportive in getting the word out since day one of our endeavor, thank you. And lastly, thank you to the more than 55 people who attended the meeting. Your questions and comments were well thought out, respectful and enlightening. Wait! One more… Mark Scott, your Village Club posters were the best way to end the night!

Bonnie Cozby, Jerry Herr, Karen Stephens

Village Club

Dems must shift gears

It is time for Democrats to shift gears. It has become obvious that no issue or policy is safe from Republican manipulation.

The problem for Congress is not any particular issue, policy, or even a 60 vote majority requirement in the Senate. The problem is one party making legislation behind closed doors without any input from their opposition. Our government is based on one man/one vote, at least on paper. Our election system has been manipulated to the point that even in states where voting rights are severely restricted, the party that gets the majority of votes state wide often has less than half of the representation in congress. As was illustrated so graphically in 2016, and 2000 for that matter, the person with the most votes nationwide is not necessarily the winner. The entire system needs tweaking but repair is possible.

Congress, on the other hand, has painted itself into a corner. The Dems pass Obamacare with no Republicans. The Republicans try to pass repeal without a single Dem vote. But even with a majority of members still can’t pass it. They then pass tax reform without a single Dem vote. This all takes place without committee debate or even sufficient time to even read the bill. No Democratic input was included, even most Republicans were excluded from the process. Suddenly, the Republican partisan juggernaut bumps into the budget and the 60 vote majority requirement. No problem. They have dreamers and children to hold hostage. Well, maybe a problem. Even the Dems don’t seem to realize that what they are shutting down government for is not about DACA or children’s health, it is about their right to be heard as representatives, only elected by nearly half of American voters. (Or more than half if you consider the excluded Republicans.)

What Sen. Shumer and the Dems should hold out for is a bill that requires the no bill will pass either House or Senate without the account of at least 10 percent of the opposition party’s votes. In other words, bipartisanship should no longer be desired or expected (that obviously hasn’t worked) but required. This approach has the added benefit of removing the “nuclear option” that got us a right views Supreme Court judge, stolen from the Dems by a Republican senate majority leader.

What goes around comes around. If the Democratic “Blue Wave” materializes, and old justices start dying off, we many end up with three or four Supreme Court justices in six years. (Possible, not likely.) To summarize, Democracies survive only when qualified candidates are willing to sacrifice their personal gains for the chance to serve their country. At this moment, there is little to entice real candidates to run amid the slings and arrows of often distorted or downright false mudslinging.

Michael Meloy

Long Beach

Our politicians are lousy

I’m writing this now in case the idiots who run our government get back to funding it. Frankly though, aside from a few bumps, there’s little difference in the last year. If one side said the sky is blue, the other side would say it’s aqua and fight against it being named blue.

I can understand not liking our president. There’s many I disliked a lot. You could just move to Canada like all the losers who said they were going to if Trump was elected, but I have nothing against Canada.

I have a perfect answer to make the Democrats and Republicans agree but it’s probably not politically correct. Put them in a huge room with no bathrooms and don’t let any out until they agree. I must say politicians are good for one thing — they make used care salesmen look good.

George McCurdy

Ocean Park

Understand where motivations originate

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was sent with regard to pesticide spraying in Willapa Bay.

If motive does not originate from you, it is an “outside stimuli.” There is no initiative, no accompanying creative impulse if a person has taken in the stimuli from an outside source. This person is not aware of the dynamic involved — and the actions that they display are an outcome from a social arrangement. The individual will surrender control to the directive in the form of a conditioned response.

Adults do not fall prey to this set of parameters as they are enlightened to such an extent that they would dare to set their own parameters.

Most people are conflicted to an extreme. If they came to an awareness it would likely kill them on the spot. First, a person makes a lie unto themselves. As such they will have trouble going back to where there is a solid foundation on/from which to build.

A foundation built from a sophist base is fated to fall from the start. If we can look down from our area of support and can fathom the structure enough to know the legs of this beast are temporary. We may decide to erect a solid foundation in its place.

Sadly, most will likely just keep watching TV. They will know what to do when the moment comes…

Every thesis harbors an occluded antithesis. If we can wrap our heads around this basic rule. We will have advantages others cannot bear to perceive. That is power; you think you don’t understand? Do you not know? We were all made to understand.

Charles Patterson

South Bend

Transit management needs better sense

This letter is a response to the “No-show letter.”

This is the first time I’ve ever written a letter to the editor but I knew I needed to comment on the “No Show Letter.” I worked for Pacific Transit for 11 years as a dispatcher. I know how the “No Show Policy” works but there are circumstances that occur that need to be dealt with differently.

For 11 years I talked to the gentleman every week whether he needed to add another ride or sometimes he called just to say hello. My point is, when someone rides the Dial-A-Ride every week and are always there when the bus shows up and then all of a sudden there not there, you know something is wrong. It totally amazes me how cold-hearted the office staff at Pacific Transit was and how they handled the situation when the driver wanted to leave the bus to go check on them. I would not have hesitated at all. I would have let him.

If it wasn’t for this driver and what he did who knows how long before they were found. Then not to let the driver have the day off after he went to there house and found them. What is wrong with the office at Pacific Transit? It’s not that difficult to find another driver. I hope some changes are made after this incident or some common sense is used from now on.

Debbie Betrozoff

South Bend

Sheriff needs to lead

The last sentence of Amy Nile’s story in the most recent Chinook Observer about Sheriff Scott Johnson’s dealings (or non-dealings) with ICE ends with his saying this is “an awkward situation.” That is certainly an accurate statement, one that describes months of less than transparent claims on his part.

One is left wondering how it is possible for the man in charge of a vital policing agency not to know from March 2017 to late August that ICE was making contacts alerting the sheriff’s department of planned arrests. In Ms. Nile’s story he attempts to backpedal by claiming that when he made public statements that he knew of no contacts from/with ICE he was doing so because of missing information such as detainees’ names and birth dates. (In fact, his agency was indeed being contacted on each occasion of a pre- and post-pickup.) It does no one any harm to admit that ICE has followed its policy of informing local authorities of its arrests since 2017. Not to be open about that fact invites the public to question why information has been denied and withheld and endangers any hope of transparency in an important agency of county government.

Now is the time for Sheriff Johnson to take action and be a leader on these issues. The ACLU People Power and the Pacific County Immigrant Support group recently met with Sheriff Johnson and informed him that his department’s immigration policy exposes the county to legal action and fines because it encourages cooperation with immigration enforcement. The sheriff must be clear with his staff and with the public on his policy towards immigrants in our community and towards ICE.

If the sheriff’s office is seen as an extension of immigration enforcement, non-citizens will be less likely to report crime, making us all less safe. Police in Washington do not have the legal authority to question people about their immigration status, or detain people for ICE — enforcing federal immigration law is not the business of local government. Nor do we want our police to waste limited resources collaborating with the federal government’s cruel deportation agenda. We know firsthand that the majority of people who have been arrested by ICE in Pacific County have not had prior criminal convictions. But, when a person is arrested by ICE, detained, and deported, children lose their parents, employers lose their workers, friends and loved ones are separated, and fear spreads through the community.

In order to rebuild community trust in our law enforcement agencies, we call on the sheriff to ensure that his policies and practices uphold and protect the rights of all people in our county.

Sandy Nielson, Stephanie Serrano, Mary Steller, Sigrine Vally, Diantha Weilepp, Ann Reeves, Lisa Barile, Sandy Spencer


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