Why try to run off RV park neighbors?

An open letter to Gary and Paula Mauro:

How curious it is that you picked Holy Week to verbally crucify the operation of Mauch’s RV Park in the Chinook Observer. In your recent letter to the editor, you express concern for the “children, disabled and elderly — the most vulnerable segments of society” (your words), yet you would render dozens of us, your vulnerable neighbors, homeless thanks to your defamatory statements and a sweep of your pen

Seriously, Mr. and Mrs. Mauro, do you ever really care at all about your neighbors? Where you lived before, in an Astoria neighborhood, didn’t you have serious issues with some of your lower-income neighbors who were renters? And now, how long have you lived on a little rise above our RV park in Chinook? Years? No? Only 13 months ago, you say, since you became a neighbor to Mauch’s RV Park, which was built in 1972. But how quickly it happened for you to become an enemy to your neighbors. Why?

Gary and Paula, are you better than your neighbors because you live in a mobile home? Have you ever invited a simple soul from a humble trailer into your spacious home? Could it be that you wish the trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes next to you were newer and fewer in number? Would you do away with tents without electricity? Gary, there are people who say that you have expressed ambition to run to become commissioner for Pacific County. If so, would you prefer to close the Long Beach Peninsula to vacationers with only modest resources?

And where do you and your neighboring mobile home get your water? From Mauch’s RV Park, you say. Then why haven’t you honestly tried to make friends with the RV park owners and the management? Mr. Mauro, several days ago, when the manager of Mauch’s RV Park advised you of a planned brief shutdown of the water system for an improvement, didn’t you tell the manager that you had nothing personally to say against him? But aren’t you continuing feverishly to attempt to put our manager out of a job AND take away his home of five years?

Mr. and Mrs. Mauro, why do you selfishly and disrespectfully pressure state Sen. Dean Takko to become your personal servant in a self-conceived dispute against your neighbors? You realize, of course, the Sen. Takko is compelled as well to equally represent each and every one of the tenants in the 32 occupied spaces in Mauch’s RV Park. You claim to have 45 petitioners. But where did your drum up 45 signatures? The park has only a half dozen neighbors.

Here are 45 signatures from vulnerable residents and from management of Mauch’s RV Park — asking that the Mauros publicly apologize for publicly defaming our park and that henceforth the Mauros refrain from hostile words and actions against our homes. Otherwise, we welcome Gary and Paula Mauro to consider relocating to a more provident environment. In the end, in the spirit of Holy Week, we ask our friends on the Peninsula, “What ever has become of the Biblical admonition to welcome the stranger in your midst?”

Michael Rowland (Age 70) and 45 others


Come join the fun at Tunerville Campground

Please mark your calendars for April 30 and join us for a potluck and a day in the woods at Tunerville Campground. This is a DNR primitive camp just outside of Naselle. Turn off of Hwy 4 on to Salmon Creek Road and just keep going. It is paved for about 7 miles and then turns to logging road for 3 miles. Don’t turn on any other roads and the camp is right by the road. Be advised there are potholes so it is slow going.

Friends of Tunerville, two different horse clubs and DNR have teamed up to spruce up the camp. This camp is nestled in a canyon next to a stream in tall timber with shade and quiet beauty. For the price of a Discover Pass, generations of families have found the peaceful hide-a-way a welcome break from the demands of life. Backcountry Horsemen and other users that call themselves Friends of Tunerville have helped pay for installation of a new vault toilet further from the creek to honor ecology regulations. The camp us multi-use and accommodates horses, quads, bikes, and hunting. We all love the place and share the therapy of being there.

DNR will provide Free Discover Day Passes to those that need them for this work day. Please call and let me know if you need one.

We typically have a potluck. It is optional to bring something or not, no worries. Good food is shared by all and we have a way to work off the calories as well. Please help us show that we want to keep this little piece of heaven in our county and join us April 30 at 10 a.m. Please bring gloves, shovels, rakes, loppers, a weed eater if you have one, and some can bring wheel barrows if they have a truck. For more information you may call me at 360-942-3672.

Jewel Hardy

Friends of Tunerville liaison

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Toonerville” is the spelling preferred by long-time locals, but to the state, it’s Tunerville.

No to Cruz, but proud to support Trump

In response to George McCurdy’s letter about Trump:

Recently I had the privilege of being with a group of Republicans and I found out very quickly that being a Trump supporter put me in the category of a serial killer or a complete idiot. When I mentioned that I had reservations about Cruz’s eligibility, the temperature dropped in the room by about 25 degrees.

Don’t people think any more? Haven’t the past 8 years mean anything? We accepted Obama at his word that he was American born which I am sure he was, but because his father was not an citizen of this country and he covered up all his personal information we just smiled and just let it go.

I think Cruz would make a fantastic Supreme Court justice but I sure don’t want him as my president.

Being different in a room of Cruz supporters showed me quickly that the Republicans are terrified of a non-politician who has the vast majority of voters in his corner. I admire Trump for his drive, his stories of success, his great kids who managed to grow up in an environment of love and security from their father. You don’t find any losers in this bunch of kids. I love Trump’s straightforward speaking without all the political correctness and his refusal to take money from the big boys. I have never doubted his love for this country and I will be voting for him even if I have to write him in.

Enough of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Edie Faylor


High price of cod sinks popular restaurant

To our friends, fellow business people, and customers that have become friends: It is with mixed feelings that we announce that, after 12 years, we are closing the Imperial Schooner Restaurant on April 17. We have had a good run, but it is time to turn the page. Laurie and I will continue to be active in this wonderful community, and we look forward to seeing you all.

When we opened on May 8, 2004, we paid $1.89 per pound for cod and sold an order of fish and chips for $5.95. Today, cod is $4.69 per pound, and with the price increases for French fries and everything else, that same order is now $11. With the changes that are coming, we feel that now is the time to exit.

We sincerely thank our customers, our family and our friends for the support you have given us over the past 12 years. It has been a pleasure.

Clint and Laurie Carter

The Imperial Schooner Restaurant

County documents spotlight RV septic concerns

When my neighbor and I visited the Pacific County office of the Department of Community Development in Long Beach on March 15, 2016, we reviewed the files on Mauch’s Sundown RV Park in Chinook and found a certified letter dated Jan. 14, 2016, from Senior Environmental Health Specialist Shawn Humphries to “Mauch, Cleo R Trustee.”

It begins, “Pacific County Department of Community Development has received a complaint regarding sewage backing up and sewage being present on the surface of the ground in your RV Park. In response to this complaint, I visited the Park on 1/12/16 to investigate.”

Several sentences later, the letter notes, “He [the park manager] stated that they had a sewage issue a couple weeks ago but that it had been corrected, he also gave me verbal permission to inspect the park for any septic issues.”

Humphries’ letter continues, “During my inspection, I found two areas where sewage was backing up through RV dumps and was spilling onto the ground…”

The septic officer, together with county Code Enforcement Office Tammy Engel, visited the Park again on Jan. 13, 2016 and found “the two backups were on separate systems and caused by separate issues. The first back-up was the RV dumps served by the pressure system on the east side of the Park.

“During our visit, it was determined that a breaker was turned off in the control panel and this was causing the pump not to run. When that breaker was turned on, the pump began running and the back-up began to recede. It was noted at this time that the alarms were not properly functioning. This is consistent with what was noted on a recent OandM inspection of the system … on 9/3/2015 (OandM #OM150444). The alarm panel/floats must be permanently repaired/replaced by a licensed contractor to prevent this from happening in the future. As stated during the visit, this must be completed within 7 days, or by 1/20/2015 [sic].

“The second back-up was immediately west of the creek that flows through the Park, next to a broken post with the site #26 on it. The RV connection immediately South of this site also showed signs of leakage. It is unknown if this back-up is due to a blockage in the line or if it is the entire system backing-up as these dumps appear to be at the lowest elevation.

“On the OandM inspection report conducted by Woody’s Septic Specialties for this system on 9/3/2015 (OandM # OM150443), it was noted that the system was operating at a high level at that time. It was also noted that if this condition caused the system to begin backing up, it would then meet Pacific County Board of Health Ordinance 3E’s definition of a failure and would need to be replaced. If this back-up is caused by slow drainage in the drainfield, the system must be replaced.

“System replacement would require a design from a licensed designer and a septic repair permit from Pacific County.

“If the line is blocked, it must be cleared immediately to prevent further back-ups. If the system continues to back-up, you must notify Pacific County Department of Community Development within 7 days, or by 1/20/2015 [sic] and begin the process to obtain a design and permit to replace the system. [Bold face in the original.]

“You will have an additional 30 days to submit an application for the septic repair permit. Additionally, you will be required to remove all RV’s from sites served by the failed system or have the tanks pumped weekly (or more frequently) to prevent back-ups until the system is replaced. [Bold face in the original.]

“The presence of sewage on the surface of the ground creates a serious public health hazard and is in direct violation of Board of Health Ordinance 3E. Additionally, it is a violation of the Sanitary Standards for RV parks required by Board of Health Ordinance #5. [Bold face in the original.]

“As stated, above, you have 7 days from the time I spoke with management yesterday to make the necessary corrections (listed above) to prevent this hazard from continuing. Failure to do so will result in further action by this Department which could result in a suspension of your RV park license and a civil infraction being issued against you for each and every day or portion of a day in which the violation continues. [Bold face in the original.] Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter. Sincerely, Shawn Humphreys …”

Three additional pieces of subsequent correspondence, in sequence, include:

“Shawn, Ed’s Septic pumped the west holding tank. Reported no back flow from the drain field into tank. However seal around risers is leaking ground water. Contacted Woody’s (Woody Pierson) who installed that tank requesting they fix the problem. Wadsworth Electric tech Ray says the east side septic pumps are working fine and he has ordered a float to repair one that is not functioning correctly. However, the system seems to work correctly. Weldon Pior, Owner. Jan. 19, 2015 [sic]”

“On Wed, 20 Jan. 2016 18:30:08 +0000, Shawn Humphreys … wrote: Weldon, Thank you for your response, I will put a copy in the file. Also, I will be checking in on the park this afternoon to see progress. Can you please get me documentation from the contractors regarding their inspection/repairs for my records. Because this creates such a serious health hazard, I’ll be required to continue checking on the system periodically to ensure that these issues don’t continue. Shawn Humphreys[,] Senior Environmental Health Specialist[,] Pacific County DCD …”

“…Sent: Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016 5:52 PM To: Shawn Humphreys … Sure. Contacted Leonard Taylor regarding the western septic system. I will request a comment from Wadsworth Electric. I think what happened is that when Woody’s man replaced the filter in the eastern system he shut it off and failed to turn it back on. Will inform you when Ray has replaced the float in that tank. Woody said that he could not repair the seal until the ground water receded. Really involved to attempt it at this time. Feels excessive pressure from ground water caused the seals to fail. Outside my realm of expertise! We will strictly monitor input into the western system until we can remedy the problem. Thanks. Weldon. …”

“On Thu, 28 Jan 2016 18:18:55 +0000, Shawn Humphreys … wrote: Weldon, Have you had a chance to gather documentation from the contractors involved? I will need these by the end of next week. Also, has there been any determinations or other issues with the western system? Shawn Humphreys …”

“Sent: Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 12:40 PM To: Shawn Humphreys … Shawn, I have asked Ray with Wadsworth Electric to contact you regarding the pump system on the east side. The alarm is working and he has a replacement float on order. Spoke on site with Leonard Taylor Monday regarding the west side and will follow his suggestions regarding the inflow of ground water. Rain hampering any work at present. We are closely monitoring input into the system and the level of the tanks. As soon as we can reach the top of the tanks we will be attempting to seal the risers against intrusion. I have requested Wadsworth Electric office to contact you.” [While this email is not signed, the email address suggests that it came from Weldon Pior at a “daystar” address.]

I saw no other recent correspondence or evidence in the file. Also, there was no current RV Park permit in the file. The most recent RV Park Permit expired Dec. 31, 2015.

Where is Pacific County on this situation?

Nancy Lloyd


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