Long for port board

My wife, Wilma and I are very pleased to endorse Dennis Long for the Port Commission position. We have known Dennis for over 20 years and have found him to be extremely intelligent and capable. He works well with others and can be trusted to keep his word. Dennis is a person who can solve complex problems and will take the best possible course of action. We urge you to vote Dennis Long for Port Commissioner.

Dr. Ron and Wilma Scaman

Long Beach

Nordin asks for votes

Hello, I’m Douglas (Tony) Nordin and with your vote I can be the Mayor of Raymond.

My family and I have lived in Raymond for 25 years. We consider this to be our lifetime home and it is our wish that our grandchildren will be able to locate here after their continuing education. For 24 of those years I was employed at Willapa Harbor Hospital performing diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound.

After retirement in 2015 my community involvement changed to voluntary efforts. These include memberships in Sunday Afternoon Live, American Legion, Willapa Harbor Lions and the Raymond Elks. I also enjoyed helping last season’s Willapa Harbor Babe Ruth baseball team and am looking forward to next season. At present I’m serving as the chair of the Raymond Theatre Advisory Committee. Our committee is advising city management on ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate loss in operation of the theatre while still providing cultural and entertaining programs. My business experience includes budgeting, scheduling, personnel evaluations, hiring and firing. While employed at Willapa Harbor Hospital I served as a shop steward and helped to negotiate a number of contracts. I have owned and operated a small retail business.

While attending Raymond City Council meetings I have observed the challenges in preserving the city’s character while providing for essential services of police, fire, public works and city hall itself. Through the efforts of many civic-minded individuals and non-profit groups, a world class Carriage Museum, Seaport Museum, public library and a public pool exist for the benefit of the Willapa community but the city remains fiscally responsible for much of the physical maintenance of these entities. It also operates and maintains the Raymond Theatre as well as an extensive parks system. The citizens of Raymond pay for these services and that payment should provide a sense of ownership and responsibility. I believe it is the mayor’s responsibility to ensure government transparency and communication to increase public awareness and participation in their city’s business. My commitment to the city’s council and its citizens is to involve all of Raymond in that effort. To move forward with the concept that change is inevitable and the future is ours to control. I welcome your vote. Any questions call 360-942-3848, email at tnordin41@gmail.com or on Facebook at Tony Nordin for mayor.

Tony Nordin


Help Hispanic residents

For some time, the Observer has published letters from citizens concerned about Federal agents arresting, detaining, incarcerating or deporting peninsula Hispanic residents.

Sydney Stevens has written six enlightening “Stories from the Heart” detailing the anguish, the heartbreak, and the financial problems encountered by 30 or more local Hispanic families. So it’s a major problem, one that residents and visitors should address. It’s so important that it has attracted the attention of Seattle Times writer Nina Shapiro, who specializes in long form, deeply reported stories about social issues and has recently written about immigration enforcement issues in Seattle. Shapiro is currently writing a feature story about our Peninsula problems with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

One way we locals can help our Hispanic residents is to attend the Oct. 20 Celebration of Hispanic Culture/fundraiser, produced by DoGoodnics, a Peninsula nonprofit agency.

Those attending can hear guest speakers, view displays, listen to Mexican music, and purchase gorgeous pinatas filled with Mexican candy and gift certificates for a one-night stay at peninsula bed and breakfast establishments.

The program starts at 7 p.m. at the Chautauqua Lodge, 304 14th St. NW, Long Beach.

For more information, call 360-665-2784 or try oobear@centurytel.net

Karen Engstrom


U.S.: Try this fix

The following narrative flies in the face of what has generally appeared in your paper lately regarding the immigration issue. I am offering this based on my own training and experience, and at the request of many other people. It is offered sincerely, and in good faith.

Persons who have illegally entered this country are criminals and are subject to arrest. Because they are illegals they are not entitled to our constitutional rights or privileges endowed to U.S. citizens. However, many of them have been given those benefits by corrupt U.S. politicians who have Democrat agendas. These benefits are presently referred to as, “Entitlements” paid for by U.S. tax payers. One of the most glaring travesties is the Medicaid program whereby illegals can receive free medical help, courtesy of we, the taxpayers. There are many other entitlement programs initiated by the Democrats with our money.

Basically, the mechanics of dealing with illegals is simple: identify them; arrest them and deport them — assuming they have not committed criminal acts while in this country. Simple. However, our present political climate creates major road blocks to this process. The Republican leadership — many who are Republicans In Name Only, or RINOs — want what they perceive as cheap labor from this illegal element. The present Democratic Party is controlled by left wing wackos/socialists/communists who want illegals here in the hope that they will vote Democrat in the future. Both the Republican leadership and the Democrat leadership are part of what is known as the “Washington establishment” who want to keep the status quo regardless of who is president. Their motives are suspect, and none of them can be trusted. Both factions are equally worthless.

The present deportation efforts under President Trump are more productive than under Obama, but are being stymied by political intrigue in the form of frivolous and spurious lawsuits instigated by the Democrats. These will ultimately fail, but are delaying the process presently.

We have a “Window of opportunity” with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to “Make America great again,” but we must simultaneously “Take our country back” from our domestic enemies in the Democratic Party who are attempting to destroy our historic republic created by our Founding Fathers. If President Trump merely enforces our existing immigration laws to the fullest, we will rid ourselves of many future problems associated with this issue, including billions of dollars in expense.

Here is my perspective on the illegal alien “fix.”

l. Build the “Wall” and actively patrol our borders.

2. Order all illegals out this country with an arbitrary time line of 30 days, or be subject to arrest. As long as they leave peacefully there will be no interference.

3. Remind all U.S. law officers to do their sworn duty and enforce the laws of this country. Stop playing politics. Their sworn duty comes first.

4. Any person, employer, school, church, or any entity knowingly rendering criminal assistance to illegals is subject to felony arrest and prosecution.

5. Children of illegals are included in the deportation order, including D.A.C.A./”Dreamers,” “anchor babies,” etc.

6. Those present illegals who leave peacefully may apply for U.S. citizenship via the legal process and will considered based upon their potential usefulness if admitted back into our country.

7. No amnesty for illegal aliens.

U.S. citizens presently receiving welfare and other tax-supported “entitlements” will be urged to report to their nearest unemployment office if they are physically capable or working. Their taxpayer “hand-outs” will terminate in 30 days. They will fill the void in the labor force created by the departing illegals. They will work and feed themselves on their own “dime” — not my “dime.”

The aforementioned process can work. Any U.S. president can make it happen. The law is already in place, but is the political will, with its potential consequences, there? Only time will tell, and time is running out. This issue is like a cancer. One must kill it before it grows.

We U.S. citizens who believe in our historic republic must be willing to fight for it.

Initially, we must contact our political representatives and tell them our immigration laws must be enforced fully, and that they should make it happen without further delay. Their jobs will be on the line if they dither.

If President Trump will “Damn the political torpedoes” and fully enforce our present immigration laws, this country will endure less financial debt, crime, demographic upheaval via population explosions, and many other collateral issues like those happening in Europe.

Never forget that this is our country — not anyone else’s. We are fortunate to be U.S. citizens — the envy of the world. If our politicians won’t protect our republic because of their suspect agendas, our country is a great risk of degenerating into just another third world dung heap.

Our Founding Fathers forged this republic with “hot lead, and cold steel.” If our politicians ultimately fail in their sworn oaths to up hold our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and enforce our immigrations laws fully, what then are the options of “We the People”?

I can hardly wait to read the rebuttals coming forth from the “creatures of the left” regarding my “Fix.”



Reject her excuses

Is Hillary Clinton as dumb as she acts? You lost, so get out of the limelight. I have read where you and your husband have amassed about $50 million. A few years ago there was talk of filing bankruptcy. Isn’t this enough money? You say you take full responsibility for losing but two minutes later it was because you’re a woman, the Russians did it, Trump hates all women (in your case I understand). But weren’t you at Trump’s wedding? I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t go to someone’s wedding I hated. I think you might consider the reason you lost was because no one wanted you for president, not because people were misguided or stupid as you hint at.

George McCurdy

Ocean Park

Treat depression

What the Las Vegas shooter brings to mind for me is mental health issues and the fact that they aren’t being addressed partly because of budget issues and partly because of the stigma attached to admitting you need help.

What I want to talk about today is depression which is not I’m feeling a little blue today. I’m talking about chronic depression. There needs to be more of a dialog about depression. I am going to open up a bit about me and my history with depression, not to draw attention to me but to get a dialog started.

Maybe someone out there will talk to a friend about what they are going through. That is my hope anyway and to make people understand it a little.

First thing is it took years for me to finally go see a doctor for help. If you feel depressed don’t wait to get help. Years of feeling bad and trying to work things out for yourself isn’t the answer. When you are depressed for a long period of time it changes your brain chemistry. That makes it harder to stop being depressed.

Depression can be caused by events; loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, illness, any number of things. I me, I would seem to be OK going through the event but afterwards depression would hit hard.

Some people don’t know why. They can’t pinpoint an event. They still need help. Going to a doctor does help but it takes time and dosages may need to be adjusted. Doctors always suggest counseling. It didn’t help me but it may help someone else. For friends and family of someone with chronic depression, this is serious. The person can’t just snap out of it. Also be aware it doesn’t always take the form of sadness, depression can show itself as rage. It can come on fast. Last time for me was when my Dad died. I was sad one minute and very angry the next. I got help.

What I’ve learned along the way is there are a lot of people dealing with chronic depression, only a few get help. I’ve known some people that didn’t get help and finally committed suicide and others that can’t maintain relationships because of their bouts of sadness or rage. Anyone going through chronic depression needs understanding and help from friends, family, and people they work with. Don’t be afraid to ask them, is everything OK?

Lenore Moody

South Bend

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