The seventh annual Project Community Connect (previously Project Homeless Connect) held Jan. 24 was a great success.

It provided 202 of our neighbors with a wide variety of needed services such as housing assistance, eye-exams and prescription eye glasses (75), ID cards, veterinary checks (35), flu shots, legal advice (24), haircuts (35), dental-Smile Mobile (18), Ocean Beach Hospital (110), Family Health Center (90), Willapa Behavioral Health (80), Molina Health Care (120), and many other useful services, referrals, and information.

Thank you to the 75 plus volunteers and 44 local agencies, organizations, and businesses that worked together to ensure our guests had access to the services needed.

Special thanks to the 2019 team that put this all together. Taletha Egleston and Nichole Lopez (publicity and more), His Supper Table — Sherline Cappel and team (meals), Vinessa Karnofski, Doug and Denise Pegors, Lorraine and Dee Dee (tangible goods), Sheena Humphreys (providers), Katie Lindstrom (point-in-time count and intake volunteers), Mitzi Pothier (volunteer coordinator), Greg Pothier, Dave Hansen, volunteers from Free-By-The-Sea (set-up and logistics), Elly Rosaire, Ocean Beach School District, and last but not least Dawna Svaren, Pastor, Ocean Park Lutheran Church.

Thank you to the City of Long Beach for making the Depot available, closing the street off for the mobile units and your support and encouragement.

Thank you to the Long Beach Elks for providing the facility and space for the seventh year of this event. We needed every square inch of space.

Thank you Pacific Transit for the free ride day for our guests.

I offer a special thank you to the volunteers who served as “guides” to our guests. Your gracious interaction with our guests made their day special and adds a much needed personal touch.

BILL BUCK, Coordinator

Project Community Connect-2019

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