Fire strikes Long Beach apartment building

An apartment fire in Long Beach Tuesday morning prompted evacuation of tenants and required action by a large contingent of firefighters and equipment, led by the Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

Regarding the Apartment Complex Fire at 1101 Pacific Ave N:

Before I get this started, I would like to note that I do not have generic, fill in the blank, letters when it comes to expressing gratitude.

As many are aware, there was a fire at an apartment building at 1101 Pacific Ave N last week. It displaced 16 units — about 30-plus people — and disrupted a number of households of which these people now are forced to have extended stay with.

At any other time of the year this would be unfortunate. But being that this occurred only two days before Thanksgiving and 30 days before Christmas takes this event to tragedy levels for some.

The only saving grace is that through exceptional cooperation and teamwork firefighters and first responders from seven agencies totaling 31 people, not only were the majority of the apartment units saved, but the contents and the people and pets live to try and put life back in order.

There are certainly more eloquent and awe-inspiring ways to express gratitude, but I think its important to make sure the message is sent and delivered and received exactly the way it is intended.

With that being said:

To: Pacific County Fire District #1, Chinook Fire District #2, Ilwaco Fire Department, Long Beach Police Department — specifically Chief Wright for his fast thinking and selfless actions — the American Red Cross, Public Utility District #2, and of course the volunteer firefighters I work with in the Long Beach Fire Department. Thank you all for coming together to protect the lives and property of our Long Beach residents in their time of need. I have fielded a number of commendations from the public as to the high levels of cooperation we showed them, but that praise belongs to all of you.

Matt Bonney, Chief

Long Beach Fire Department

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