It is almost baseball season and work on the Ocean Park fields continues. We are not where they need to be but we are getting there.

We have the dugouts repainted but they still have work to do with some rotting wood at the bases. The dying trees were removed and two new coastal-appropriate trees planted courtesy of Arbor Care Tree Specialists.

A new fence was installed by Evergreen Fence Company, who donated the disposal and take down of the old fencing. The OBSD helped to pay for that, as it was a safety hazard.

Athletic rock/sand will be delivered in the next couple weeks and signs for sponsors will be put up in the next month. We still need funds for the small bleachers and a small shed or remodel of a dugout to contain gear, chalker, etc., and for general upkeep that will be needed.

If you would like to donate, you can mail a check to Peninsula Youth Sports at P.O. Box 848, Ocean Park, WA 98640. Signs are also available for sponsorship on the fence.

Kids should be seen practicing on the fields starting in March!

Thanks goes out to Taft Plumbing & Septic, Arbor Cares Tree, Evergreen Fence Company, Ocean Beach School District, Port of Peninsula, Jubilee Farms, Peninsula Pharmacies, BJ & R Inc., Dune Bible Camp, Pioneer Market & Deli, Dr. Roof, John Heilman at Star Rentals, Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals, Kurt Wolken & Raymond Patterson, Lions Club, Thomas & Donna Boyer, Shannon Walker, Dennis & Vicki Johnson, Doug & Denise Ross, Mel & Carol Schisler, Bellamy & Brazeau, Rita Nicely & Ken Gollings, Jack’s Country Store, Calvin & Susan Scugg, North Jetty Brewing, Kim Pitzer, Big Tuna Construction, Beach Barons Car Club, Strand Insurance, Donald Long, FOE REAC 3602-Eagles.


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