The Chinook Valley Gun Club is in a dispute with local residents not just over noise levels but also over safety issues, which Mr. Malast did not address in his article.

A plywood stand with a target fastened to it is no different than the makeshift unsafe targets he referred to. There is nothing to keep bullets from leaving the range, which puts the local residents in jeopardy. I, for one, cannot feel safe walking on my own property as I have had bullets zing by me while outside of my house.

There have also been several large explosions, which were rumored to be homemade bombs, that rattled windows over a mile away.

No one has addressed the problem of lead, arsenic and cadmium leaching into the ground water or its effect on the ecosystem.

Maybe the time has come to find a different spot that could be brought up to safety standards with a lot less money being spent. Just remember — a rifle or pistol and a target do not make a safe shooting range.

Terry Eager


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