One of the things in life you can always count on is the expected. A few years back when the county was dragging its feet about using flood control tax dollars, a "little ole ladies in rubber boots" story helped get the ball rolling. The story described widowed ladies on Social Security wading up to unflooded neighbors' houses for a cleanup/washup, hot lunch and much needed encouragement.

One of them, Roxie Archer, brought county and interested parties wading into her home to plan for a meeting in Long Beach to hash out a mode of action. County still stalled. Private parties then stuck their necks out bringing in large pumps to take flood waters to drainage sites. Our county relented then and flood control commenced. The "little ole ladies in rubber boots" had accomplished their goal.

This spirit again came into play on July 14 as "splendiferous" trustees tried various ploys discouraging annual business meeting attendance in order to retain control. Did not work. Cars from "M" Place, Skating Lake and Lake/Compactor districts unloaded "rubber boot widows." They and many others reminded the board once more that member/owner wishes, one and all, must be considered of all levels of needs beginning with our "ladies in rubber boots."

Ray Gardner, Beach Bum

Ocean Park

I went to the Surfside Homeowners Association (SHOA) meeting Saturday, July 14 and I think I need to comment on what I saw as the worst case of abuse of office I've ever seen.

Jimmie Applegate tried to have the police throw out a respected member of our association, 90-year-old Ray Gardner. He [Ray] doesn't agree with the way the board bullies its members and that they committed an illegal act. They claimed he was out of order. Ray used to be a president of SHOA himself, so he would know the rules of order.

Now in the weekender e-mail newsletter I'm hearing words like they were "coming down hard on them." Them? Do you mean all of those older members who gave of their time and who sat through five hours of stalling to be kept from voting because they had to leave? (They can't sit or stand that long and you know it.) Is that why you tried to say to us, the people who will stand up to you, that we no longer had a quorum?

This is still a democracy, even if Mr. Applegate said it isn't. Most of the people were there because they are mad at the way we are treated by the board. It was the best turnout I've ever seen. I, for one, am seeking change in the path SHOA is taking. I wish luck to the new board members.

John Reichenbach

Ocean Park

Well, Surfside Homeowners Association (SHOA) members, that was quite an annual meeting wasn't it? Now our new board needs our support to have Surfside be the kind of place we all want it to be. I, like so many of you, have been an ostrich with my head in the sand simply assuming that the board knew what my wants and needs are, but unless we attend the board meetings how are they to know.

This last year I have attended several monthly board meetings and found only about 10 other members attending - not very many people for the total population of Surfside. It is time we all voiced an opinion and not wait until an annual meeting.

Please come to the meetings. The SHOAand Tell lists the dates and it is always on a Saturday at 9 a.m. or you can call the office at 665-4171 to check the date. The next meeting is Aug. 18. We have the board's attention - now let's keep it!

I want to say thank you to Ray Gardner for his efforts, he took a lot of heat for all of us. Let's all have the backbone he showed and stand up for our rights as homeowners. (As far as I know this is still America and we do have a voice.)

The budget is coming up, be ready and let the board know how you want them to spend your money.

Merri Johnson

Ocean Park

We would personally like to thank Cheri Lewis for her letter about the Surfside Homeowners Association meeting held on July 14. We were greatly encouraged by the response of Surfside residents as we have been agonizing over the management style at Surfside for at least two years. It was uplifting to know we are not the only ones who feel this way.

We do not live there as yet so we have felt powerless to do anything about the draconian polices and out-of-control budget that has somehow been approved every year. We once expressed our concerns but were rewarded by not receiving a ballot last year on which we could have voted no to last year's budget.

I do hope someone at the meeting asked for a rationalization of the 19.8 percent raise the general manager received last year. I still haven't received one and get ignored every time I ask. Thank you Cheri - we're hoping progress can now be made.

Kenda and Clinton Shultz

Canby, Ore.

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