A perfect woman at least five for different color, design more clothes bag, the collocation of cheap'>http://www.christianlouboutinshoescheap.org">cheap Christian Louboutin shoes the above five pairs of shoes (and is fine with that kind of).

The more young, I wear the high-heeled shoes is a despise, never even go to high heels counters take a look, canvas shoes, round head flat with the shoe is that I love most. Dry hair, pure cotton pink T-shirt and wash the white hole hole is broken again the son of pants, deserve to go up again the white canvas shoes, walking the streets and the breath is youth make public breath.

Unexpectedly, one day or Christian Louboutin fell in love with the shoe,Christian'>http://www.christianlouboutinshoescheap.org/Christian-Louboutin-shoes-c6.html">Christian Louboutin shoes it was from busy busy back, first fell in love with foreign after home small city streets in the trail and AShen woman, never fell in love with the wear to let people born of high-heeled shoes, swaying pose with "DaDa" sound elegant and rhythm of the heart feeling. Then the first pair of high heels, round shoes with silver ornaments, head of less than 3 CM with, match on green lace dress, the sunshine like green abundant meaning look small princess; The second pair is the green follow sandal high, a perverse hid in a casual welts feet of green, with a big green cross bag, or proud of green Li small princess; Later, the fourth and the third double double faded some pride princess, had little woman's small endowment and grace, put on dark, so simple and without any adornment, coriaceous softness noble 10 CMChristian Louboutin shoes. A XiJinQianHua humble and release, careful pace with pace, the more the intention of experience on the side of the road of its scenery.

This double high-heeled shoes really made me 5 had tried everything taste, with world when it is how of joy, because it has the most fashionable color,Christian'>http://www.christianlouboutinshoescheap.org/Christian-Louboutin-2011-c1.html">Christian Louboutin 2011 the most simple design, the most makes a person enchanted petite shoes most, that people of fantasy to 37 degrees temperamental woman little sheep feeding high heels. But, actually, in the first day of work in it, because of the small shoe model let me walk to arrive halfway feel quite ill, hobbled off with a and stopped looking, fear that this was the elegant fair maiden at the foot of the destroyed because of the pain, although is choked back after halfway terrible pain as elegant shape, can facial expressions is close to the bottom.

Know that put on the heels of more or less to endure the pain, but to the beauty of the desire to drive I put on it, slowly habits and make it to adapt to and accept me, also let I accept it, it reminds me of our love, with the early when rejoice, coexistence (put on the trial of discomfort when), to the subsequent continus, comfortable along with the gender. Still not abandon let beauty a continuation of Christian'>http://www.christianlouboutinshoescheap.org">Christian Louboutin shoes the Christian Louboutin shoes 5 double, even if become Cinderella, each to 12:00 midnight will naked feet run home to!


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