7/06/05, WEEK NO. 4

"A" DIVISIONTeam Rounds Games

1. Doc's Subs 24-0 70-30

2. Nick's Toxin 18-6 65-35

3. Chinook Inn 11-13 48-52

4. Doc's Jokerz 10-14 52-48

5. Doc's Wizard 10-14 45-55

6. Nick's West 9-15 44-56

7. Eagle Eyes 8-16 41-59

8. Morgan L.B.T. 6-18 36-64


Team Rounds Games

1. American Eagle 17-7 58-42

2. Doc's W&P 16-8 60-40

3. SeaHag No. 2 14-10 51-49

4. Doc's P.K. 13-11 53-47

5. Eagle Talons 11-13 50-50

6. Doc's Fish 10-14 47-53

7. SeaHag 9-15 50-50

8. Sea Pearl 6-18 36-64

5-fers: Jenny Sheldon, Jim Mortensen, Ken Klepp

9-ball breaks: Thom Eros

Table runs: Mike Lambert

PENINSULA DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUBThe Club plays each Monday at the Heritage Museum in Ilwaco at noon. New players are always welcome. For questions about playing with the Peninsula Duplicate Bridge Club, call Bill Eastman at 665-6283.

Results for Monday, July 4

Because of the holiday, this week was a small game of 4.5 tables playing a Howell movement.


1st in A bracket: Virginia and Robert Zimmerman

2nd in A bracket: Evelyn Bredleau and Helen Robnett

2nd in A bracket: Veronica Williams and Roger Niemi

4th in A bracket: Gretchen and Jerry Leenerts

1st in B bracket: Sharon and Jim Hermanson

2nd in B bracket: Maxine Mechals and Donna Oman

Results of the 2005 Northwest Sport Kite ChampionshipsBeginner Individual Precision

1. Richard Hardesty

Novice Individual Precision

1. Ron Potts

2. Jim McPherson

3. Alan Cunningham

Novice Individual Ballet

1. Scott Ralston

2. Jennifer Brown

3. Moon Kushner

Experienced Individual Precision

1. James Thompson

2. Wynne Lincoln-Rowson

3. Jim Landers

Experienced Individual Ballet

1. Andrew Cimburek

2. James Thompson

3. Gordon Fry

Masters Individual Precision

1. Daniel Haigh

2. Wayne Turner

3. Carl Robertshaw

Masters Individual Ballet

1. Scott Davis

2. Willy Hendrickson

3. Wayne Turner

Open Team Precision\

1. Team 6th Sense

2. Snowbirds

3. TKS Mid-Air

Open Team Ballet

1. Team 6th Sens

2. TKS Mid-Air

3. Snowbirds

Open Pairs Precision

1. Fly by Nite

2. Abstract Mayhem

3. Last Flight Out

Open Pairs Ballet

1. Fly by Nite


3. Last Flight Out

Hot Tricks

1. Carl Robertshaw

2. John Barresi

Open Multi-Line Precision

1. Carl Robertshaw

2. John Barresi

3. Alan Cunningham

Open Multi-Line Ballet

1. John Barresi

2. Carl Robertshaw

3. Wayne Turner

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