PENINSULA DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUBPlay begins each Monday at the Ilwaco Heritage Museum at noon.

New players and visitors are always welcome. For questions, call Bill Eastman at 665-6283.

Results for Monday, July 9, a 12-table game.

North-South Winners:

1st in A bracket: Al and Evie Davis

2nd/3rd tie in A bracket: Betty Rossman and Donna Parry and Larry Wolf and Mary Ann Spahr

4th in A bracket: Marion Blake and Cherie Bernard

5th in A bracket: Les Cowan and Flora Law

1st in B bracket: Al and Evie Davis

2nd in B bracket: Monica Taylor and Lewin Richardson

3rd in B bracket: Marion Blake and Cheri Bernard

4th in B bracket: Les Cowan and Flora Law

1st in C bracket: Al and Evie Davis

2nd in C bracket: Les Cowan and Flora Law

East-West Winners:

1st in A bracket: Mary Perkins and Roger Niemi

2nd in A bracket: Jim Hudson and Evelyn Bredleau

3rd in A bracket: Gayl and Doug West

4th in A bracket: Mary Wiese and Keni Hertig

5th in A bracket: Bill Eastman and Les Ellis

1st in B bracket: Mary Perkins and Roger Niemi

2nd in B bracket: Mary Wiese and Keni Hertig

3rd in B bracket: Bill Eastman and Les Ellis

1st in C bracket: Mary Perkins and Roger Niemi

2nd in C bracket: Bill Eastman and Les Ellis


Honeypot Results 7/12/07

Gross/Net Skins

*Ed Guelfi - 1 Skin, $25.50

*Lee Nester - 1 Skin, $25.50

K.P. #3 - $10 per winner

(0-10 hdcp) Don Sheldon

(11-18 hdcp) David Marsh

L.D. #4 - $10 per winner

(0-10 hdcp) Jim Owens

(11-18 hdcp) Casey Marsh

K.P. #8 - $10 per winner

(0-10 hdcp) Duane Hagstrom

(11-18 hdcp) Willie Marsh

Team Results

Coffee Posse beat Pepsi 2 to 2

Ford Electric over FOB Construction 2.5 to 1.5

Doc's Aces over Pioneer Tavern 3.5 to .5

Marsh's Alligator Boys over Oman & Son 3 to 1

Morgan's LBT over Coastline Auto 3.5 to .5

Divots over Ilwaco Market 3 to 1

Standings After Week Five

Coffee Posse 23

Ilwaco Market 22

Oman & Son 21

Ford Electric 20

Doc's Aces 18.5

Morgan's LBT 17

Divots 16

FOB Construction 14.5

Marsh's Alligator 13.5

Pioneer Tavern 7.5

Coastline Auto 6.5

Surfside Men's ClubSurfside Men's Club has added a Sunday game, every Sunday at 8 a.m.

Moonlight Madness

Surfside Golf Moonlight Madness is coming. Experience a new way to play golf - under the stars with glow in the dark golf balls. Saturday, Aug. 25. Call Christiaan for details at 665-4148.

SENIOR BOWLING AT HILLTOPEvery Wednesday seniors 50 years old and up are invited to come to an open bowl session at 2 p.m. at Hilltop Bowl in Ilwaco. The cost is just $5 per person for three games. There will be complimentary coffee and tea offered as well. Call 642-4440 for more information.


Doc's Q-Tees 94 41

Doc's Remedies 92 43

Harpy Eagles 59 61

Pioneer Hot Shots 56 64

Morgan LBT Gals 49 71

Nick's Naughties 53 82

Morgan's Spitfires 46 89

3-fers: Bonnie Danel, Teri Dodson, Linda Meyer, Rebecca Morales, Robbi Siefert, Tina Wiegardt.


Doc's Subs 23 1

Doc's Rappers 21 3

Doc's Wizards 17 7

Doc's C.Patties 15 9

Morgan's LBT 14 10

Chinook Inn 12 12

Wings of Eagles 11 13

Harbor Lights 10 14

Doc's W&P 9 15

Doc's Beach Bum 9 15

Pioneer Tavern 9 15

American Eagles 8 16

LBT Guys-Dolls 4 20

Eagle Talons 4 20

9-ball breaks: Jenita VanBuskirk, Dick Siefert, Joe Turi

5-game winners: Wayne Ekvall.

Break and run: Ken Klepp and Bruce Johnsen.

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