March 22

The playoff started March 22 using a handicap format and a single elimination bracket. Handicaps were earned by a full season's play. Many matches came down to the final 15th game before a winner was determined proving the handicap system works.

Match No. 1: Doc's Subs versus Wings of Eagles. Doc's Subs won in a close match as the entire team played steady. Wings of Eagles and Captain Jenita VanBuskirk also played well.

Match No. 2: Pilot House versus American Eagles. Kirk Lang let the Pilot House team to victory in another nail biter. Dee Krause led the American Eagles' effort.

Match No. 3: Chinook Inn versus SeaHag No. 1. Mike Berani had a table run in the SeaHag No. 1's close loss to an experienced Chinook Inn team. Master player Bonnie Russell led her team to victory.

Match No. 4: Nick's West versus Eagle Talons. Nick's overwhelmed a short-handed Eagle Talons' squad. Nick's was on fire according to team member Jon Crain.

Match No. 5: Nick's Hitmen versus SeaHag No. 2. The Hitmen could not overcome playing short-handed and giving up handicap in an upset loss to SeaHag No. 2.

Match No. 6: Doc's Oregonians versus Morgan's LBT. Morgan's LBT nearly knocked off the powerhouse team Doc's Oregonians in a match not decided until the final game. Richard Heptner stood out for the LBT as did Mark and Sheree Larson for Doc's Oregonians.

Match No. 7: Scheduled for March 26.

Match No. 8: Doc's Jokerz versus Bernie's Beamers. Doc's Jokerz proved their second place league finish was warranted by holding off a stubborn Bernie's team in a very close match. Bobby Hunt and Ken Klepp were standouts for Doc's Jokerz. Neil Papke played well for Bernie's Beamers.

Matches scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on March 29 are as follows:

Doc's Subs vs Pilot House at Doc's

Chinook Inn vs SeaHag No. 2 at Chinook

Doc's Oregonian vs Nick's West at Doc's

Doc's W&P Wizard vs Doc's Jokerz at Doc's

• • •


March 20, Week 2

Name W L

Doc's Q-Tees 24 6

Nick's Knockers 23 7

ML Hot Shots 20 10

Doc's Remedies 18 12

Eagles 17 13

Doc's What Up 13 17

Morgan's LBT Gals 13 17

Doc's Beach Babes 12 18

ML's Table Jumpers 10 20

3-fers: Ila Barnes, Teri Dodson, Linda George, Linda Meyer, Kathy Price, Norma Rice, Serenity Sargeant, Kathy Weaver, Tina Wiegardt.

8-ball break: Linda Meyer

• • •



Week 29

1. En'd Species 36 16

2.Lo Rollers 36 16

3. Imprial Schn 23.5 28.5

4. Funland 22 30

5. Just Family 19.5 32.5

6. Hilltop Bowl 19 33

High Scratch Game: Ron Dietl 248, Jack Buchheim 237, Helen Bailey 192, Linda Gernert 178.

High Scratch Series: Ron Dietl 679, Jack Buchheim 596, Helen Bailey 492, Linda Gernert 484.

High Handicap Game: Jack Buchheim 263, Ron Dietl 256, Helen Bailey 245, Vivian Currie 239.

High Handicap Series: Ron Dietl 703, Jack Buchheim 674, Vivan Currie 675, Linda Gernert 658.


Week 27

1. Black Sheep 27 16

2. Gambowlers 27 17

3. Looney Tunes 25 19

4. Wanabee 21 23

5. 3-Generations 20 24

6. Bandits 11 33

High Scratch Game: Dick Bryan 235, Curtis Anderson 235, Debbi McKenney 196, Colleen Dietl 181.

High Scratch Series: Curtis Anderson 672, Dick Bryan 641, Debbi McKenney 538, Colleen Dietl 486.

High Handicap Game: Dick Bryan 253, Curtis Anderson 253, Terry Bryan 238, Colleen Dietl 234.

High Handicap Series: Curtis Anderson 726, Dick Bryan 695, Colleen Dietl 645, Terry Bryan 625.

• • •


Results for Monday, March 20

It was a 10-table game. This game was a club championship awarding points to those placing in each section and in the overalls.

North-South winners:

1st in A bracket: Doug and Gayl West

2nd in A bracket: Les DeGandi and Myles Grant

3rd in A bracket: Marion Blake and Cherie Bernard

4th in A bracket: Alice Whalen and Molly Ziessler

1st in B bracket: Alice Whalen and Molly Ziessler

East-West winners:

1st in A bracket: Jim and Sharon Hermanson

2nd in A bracket: Keni Hertig and Mary Wiese

3rd in A bracket: Roger Niemi and Mary Perkins

4th in A bracket: Robert Zimmerman and Margaret Eastman

1st in B bracket: Jim and Sharon Hermanson

2nd in B bracket: Roger Niemi and Mary Perkins

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