Coffee Breakers League

Week 24 of 32

Imperial Schooner 20 12

Neptune Theatre 19 13

Two Plus One 17 15

Old and Good 15.5 16.5

Endangered Species 14.5 17.5

Three Sums 10 22

High Scratch Game: Ron Dietl 229, Larry Truett 190, Walt Underwood 184, Colleen Dietl 180, Laurie Carter 171, Debbie Huddleston 167.

High Scratch Series: Ron Dietl 569, Jack Buchheim 489, Pete Jarvis 479, Colleen Dietl 482, Eva Hieronymus 479, Laurie Carter 478.


Harbor League

Week 23 of 32

Creative Floor Factors 115.5 80.5

Flyin’ Eagles 111 85

Pepsi 109 87

Chinook Observer 96.5 99.5

Shoalwater Casino 96.5 99.5

State Farm 95.5 100.5

Active Enterprises 90.5 105.5

American Legion 69.5 126.5

High Scratch Game: Joe Eaken 263, Troy Constantine 235.

High Scratch Series: Joe Eaken 666, Troy Constantine 663, Steve Giffin 611.



Week No. 11, Jan. 30

Doc’s the Bulls 122 43

Doc’s Revenge 98 67

Doc’s Odds/Ends 96 69

Doc’s Vultures 94 71

American Eagles 92 73

Chinook Lounge 85 80

Eagle Eyes 74 91

Doc’s Beach Bums 60 105

Doc’s Gamblers 59 106

Pioneer Coasties 52 113

3-fers: Curtis Bade, Joyce Benson, Wayne Ekvall, Bill Herman, Doug Keilwitz, Dee Krause, Ron Krause, Jim Mortensen, John Noch, Darolle Peterson, Woody Phillips, Robert Reed, Don Sheldon.

Table run: Jim Mortensen.


Week No. 12, Feb. 13

Doc’s the Bulls 133 47

Doc’s Revenge 108 72

Doc’s Odds/Ends 105 75

American Eagles 102 78

Doc’s Vultures 98 82

Chinook Lounge 96 84

Eagle Eyes 80 100

Doc’s Beach Bums 64 116

Doc’s Gamblers 64 116

Pioneer Coasties 57 123

3-fers: Curtis Bade, Joyce Benson, Jim Harris, Bill Herman, Chris Koplin, Ron Krause, Robert Miller, Robert Reed, Dee Reis, Ed Schultz, Don Sheldon.

Table run: Chris Koplin.



A pool and poker tournament were held at Doc’s Tavern. Twenty-five poker players with a pot of $1,294 played in Doc’s annual Super Poker Tournament. A pool tournament was held at the same time. 

Poker was played at three tables with all players trying hard to stay in the game. As the blinds got higher the gambling pace picked up and soon there were only 10 players left. After the break the last 10 sat down at the final table. The action was fast and furious. Dan Weller won all the chips and the crown of Super Poker Champ for 2011. 

Final standings were as follows:  1st — Dan Weller, $540; 2nd — Frank Danel, $360; 3rd — Bonnie Danel, $180; 4th — Liz Robertson, $120; 5th — Al Woldrich, $50. 

High hand and $22 went to Shirley Baker; first eliminated and winner of $22 was Roxanne Clark.

The pool tournament was double elimination eight-ball. There were many well shot games and a few upsets. Eight-ball breaks and table runs finally made winners out of a few. Final standings were as follows: 1st — Don Sheldon, $200; 2nd — Earl Ransom, $150; 3rd — Molly Carson, $100; 4th — Ray Mathers, $50. The real highlight was the awesome potluck dinner, which everyone enjoyed.

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