CANCER BOWL-A-THONILWACO - Hilltop Bowl is hosting an American Cancer Society Relay for Life bowl-a-thon beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13. The cost is just $12 per person for three games and shoe rental. Fifty percent of all funds raised will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Come bowl with friends, family or co-workers. Sign up by calling 642-4440 or e-mail


Winner - $14.16 per skin

Duane Hagstrom = 3 skins

Gil Gonzalez = 2 skins

Jim Owens = 1 skin

K.P. No. 3 - $10 per winner

0-10 - Brian Wilson

11-18 - Steve Janas

L.D. No. 4 - $10 per winner

49 and under - No one hit fairway

50 to 59 - Kerry Stroupe

60 and over - Tommie Brown

K.P. No. 8 - $10 per winner

0-10 - Jim Owens

11-18 - Tom Kennedy

TWILIGHT LEAGUETeam Results, July 23

Divots tied Hilltop Bowl 2-2

FOB Construction tied Coffee Posse 4-4

Daves FNWN over Morgan's LBT 4-0

Ford Electric tied Doc's Aces 2-2

State Farm over Ilwaco Market 4-0

Team Standings

Doc's Aces - 44

Daves FNWN - 35-1/2

Ilwaco Market - 30

State Farm - 29-1/2

Hilltop Bowl - 27-1/2

Ford Electric - 26

Coffee Posse - 25-1/2

Divots - 25-1/2

FOB Construction - 23-1/2

Morgan's LBT - 19

HILLTOP BOWLWednesday Doubles July 29, Week 6 of 9

7-10 Duo 27 15

D & Me 24 18

Chicky Roos 23 19

Babes with Balls 19 23

Gem Stones 17 25

We Rock - Tres! 16 26

High Scratch Game: DuRand Vaughn 175, Mac McConnell 163, Lawana Merchant 214, Laurie Carter 191.

High Scratch Series: Mac McConnell 470, DuRand Vaughn 439, Lawana Merchant 532, Laurie Carter 511, Cara Alterio 466.

PENINSULA DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Play begins at noon each Monday at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco. New players and visitors are always welcome. For questions, call Bill Eastman at 665-6283.

Results for Monday, Aug. 3,

8-table game

North-South Winners

1st in A bracket: Joyce Haller and Dorothy Hansen

2nd in A bracket: Carol Brown and Sue Boyle

3rd in A bracket: Doug and Gayl West

1st in B bracket: John Curtis and Edward Jefferson

2nd in B bracket: Beverly Olson and Margaret Grundy

1st in C bracket: John Curtis and Edward Jefferson

2nd in C bracket: Beverly Olson and Margaret Grundy

East-West Winners

1st in A bracket: Gretchen and Jerry Leenerts

2nd in A bracket: Molly Zeissler and Alice Whalen

3rd in A bracket: Mary Ann Spahr and Myles Grant

1st in B bracket: Molly Zeissler and Alice Whalen

2nd in B bracket: Marge Cox and Les Cowan

3rd in B bracket: Sharon Rooney and D Ann Carver

1st in C bracket: Marge Cox and Les Cowan

2nd in C bracket: Flora Law and Joann Dawley

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