Coffee Breakers League

Week 26 of 32

Imperial Schooner 22 18

Two Plus One 22 18

Old and Good 21.5 18.5

Neptune Theatre 21 19

Endangered Species 19.5 20.5

Three Sums 14 26

High Scratch Game: Ron Dietl 240, Walt Underwood 231, John Chappell 205, Laurie Carter 192, Rita Smith 174, Debbie Huddleston 168.

High Scratch Series: Ron Dietl 631, John Chappell 595, Walt Underwood 558, Laurie Carter 512, Debbie Huddleston 473, Rita Smith 452.

Friendly League

Week 24 of 32

Imperial Schooner 64 33

Hilltop Bowl 59 37

Earl’s Girls 55 41

Bank of Pacific 50 46

Alley Cats 48 48

High Scratch Game: Laurie Carter 199, Roberta Marsh 192.

High Scratch Series: Roberta Marsh 528, Laurie Carter 487, Linda High 485.





Doc’s Tavern hosted the BCA annual pool tournament held Feb. 25 through Feb. 27. There were 32 BCA qualified players from Oregon and Washington signed up to play in the $1,000 tournament. Players were divided into groups of eight by known ability, then each match was handicapped to make the competition as equal as possible.

Each year Doc’s puts on this tournament to get players ready for the grueling regional event the WBCA holds. The regional tournament is a double elimination race to five format which means to win a match the player must win five games.

The tournament started at 5 p.m., Saturday and concluded at 5:30 p.m., on Sunday, for a total of 48.5 hours.

Group 1 included four past champions — Mark Larson, Curtis Bade, Bill Herman and Tom Myer. Bill Herman beat Curtis Bade 5 to 3, Jim Mortensen beat Pat Ryan 5 to 4, Tom Myer made a comeback to defeat Eddie Lau 5 to 4 and Mark Larson beat Don Sheldon 5 to 4 by taking the last two games.

Group 2 included favorites Dwain Schultz, Woody Phillips and Jack Rubino. David Berkman beat Dwain Schultz 5 to 4, Bob Hunt defeated Woody Phillips, Jack Rubino beat Jim Harrison 5 to 4, and Robert Reed beat Richard Davis 5 to 4.

Group 3 included the top lady shooters in the area and 2009 champ Frank Warner. Cindy Bade hammered Warner 5 to 3, Jenny Sheldon beat Jason Hoygaard 5 to 2, Dee Reis ousted ex-master player Sheree Larson 5 to 4, and Bonnie Russell sent Doug Keilwitz to the penalty box by winning 5 to 4.

Group 4 consisted of seasoned veterans and pool hall junkies who love the game of pool. Tina Nelson beat Jim Vanek and then Ron Krause outlasted Vickie Beamguard. Earl Ransom beat Tina Wiegart and Don Michaud pounded Bonnie Danel.

Surviving to finish in the money by placing in the top eight were: 1st — Bill Herman, $250; 2nd — Bonnie Russell, $200; 3rd — Tom Myers, $150; 4th — Don Michaud, $150; 5th — Bob Hunt, $100; 6th — Doug Keilwitz, $75; 7th — David Berkman, $60; 8th — Ron Krause, $40.

The tournament ran smoothly and the players displayed good sportsmanship. A big thank you to Bill Herman, Eddie Lau and Bonnie Danel for their assistance. Special thanks goes to the crew at Doc’s for making this tournament the best ever.


8-Ball Billiard Standings

Week No. 17, March 2

Doc’s Bulls 20 4

American Eagles 19 5

Chinook Inn 15 9

Doc’s W&P 14 10

Doc’s Novelties 14 10

Doc’s Staying Alive 13 11

Wings of Eagles 13 11

MLBT Mariners 10 14

Doc’s Revenge 9 15

MLBT No. 1 8 16

Eagle Eyes 7 17

Doc’s Ball Busters 2 22

30-Point Winners: Woody Phillips, Mark Larson, Dee Krause, Ron Krause, Paul Witherbee, Doug Keilwitz, Bob Laughlin, Robert Miller, Bruce Johnsen, Dwain Schultz, Bonnie Russel, Wes Holthusen, Bill Herman, Don Sheldon, Jim Mortensen.

Table Run/Break and Run: Tina Wiegardt, Woody Phillips.

8-Ball Break: Norma Rice.

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