ILWACO — Times continue to improve and distances in the throwing events were growing at the final all-comers track meet of the season. Sarah Taylor, Ilwaco track and cross country coach, and many helpers made the three-meet season another roaring success, with participation of younger athletes especially encouraging.

A modest donation was received from each competitor at each of the three meets during the summer season. The money will go to benefit Ilwaco track and field athletes throughout their season. Below are the results of the meet held at Peterson Field June 20.

Long Jump

Age 0-3

1-Lyla Carlson 3-feet-6

2-Sahalie Heavenrich 2-feet-2

3-Brooklyn Avalon

Age 4-6

1-Jason Coffin 8-feet-5

2-Carson Salisbury 8-feet-2

3-Kaeden Lyster 7-feet-9

Age 7-9

1-Jason Harmon 9-feet-5

2-Craig Reitz 9-feet-1

3-Tatyanya Hayes 8-feet-9

Age 10-13

1-Alex Kaino 12-feet-9

2-Ben Brownlee 12-feet-8

3-Colton McNabb 10-feet-6

Age 18+

1-Kasey Plato 18-feet-6

Softball Toss

Age 0-3

1-Lyla Carlson 11-feet-5.5

2-Sawyer Linquist 11-feet-.75

3-Brooklyn Avalon 10-feet-1

Age 4-6

1-Kaeden Lyster 60-feet-5.75

2-Carson Salisbury 46-feet-5

3-Jason Coffin 40-feet-7

Age 7-9

1-Kolby Glenn 83-feet-8.75

2-Jason Harmon 77-feet-9

3-Brodie Avalon 10-feet-1.75

Age 10-13

1-Ben Brownlee 111-feet-10.75

2-PeytonCurtis 79-feet-1.75

3-Lily Harman 76-feet-6

Age 40+

1-Chris Wilkin 195-feet-1.5

Shot Put

Age 0-3

1-Lyla Carlson 9-feet-1

2-Sawyer Linquist 7-feet-8

3-Ethan Campbell 6-feet-2

Age 4-6

1-Kaeden Lyster 23-feet-3

2-Braden Avalon 21-feet-5

3-Carson Salisbury 20-feet-3

Age 7-9

1-Craig Reitz 31-feet-9

2-Jason Harmon 29-feet-10

3-Sydney Curtis 26-feet-11

Age 10-13

1-Ben Brownlee 29-feet-.5

2-Lily Harman 13-feet-10

3-Peyton Curtis 12-feet-8

Age 18-30

1-Johanna McEllrath 38-feet-11

2-Nick Lyster 37-feet-11

3-Kasey Plato 37-feet-8

Age 31-44

1-Dustin Salisbury 35-feet

2-David Curtis 30-feet-6

Age 45+

1-Chris Wilkin 33-feet-8


Age 0-3

1-Sawyer Linquist 9-feet-8

2-Olivia Clarke 9-feet-5

3-Julie Perez 8-feet-3

Age 4-6

1-Kaeden Lyster 23-feet-5

2-Carson Salisbury 20-feet-11

3-Jason Coffin 18-feet-3

Age 7-9

1-Kolby Glenn 24-feet

2-Morgan Reitz 21-feet-2

3-Jason Harman 21-feet-1

Age 10-13

1-Ben Brownlee 58-feet-8

2-Alex Kaino 31-feet-9

3-Peyton Curtis 24-feet-11

Age 14-17

1-Johana McEllrath 115-feet-1

Age 18-30

1-Nick Lyster 128-feet-6

2-Kasey Plato 121-feet-8

Age 31-44

1-David Curtis 66-feet-11

50-meter dash

Age 0-3

1-Brooklyn Avalon 14.8

2-Lyla Carlson 19.3

3-Sahalie Heavenrich 20.1

Age 4-6

1-Kaeden Lyster 9.2

2-Braden Avalon 9.9

3-Maddie Wilkin 10.6

Age 7-9

1-Megan Salisbury 7.5

2-Craig Reitz 7.9

3-Kolby Glenn 8.4

Age 10-13

1-Colton McNabb 6.8

2-Noah Miller 7.5

3-Bella Brownlee 8.2

100-meter Dash

Age 0-3

1-Brooklyn Avalon 33.7

2-Sawyer Linquist 34.4

3-Sahalie Heavenrich 35.8

Age 4-6

1-Kaeden Lyster 20.1

2-Carson Salisbury 20.5

3-Noah Younker 21.1

Age 7-9

1-Ben Brownlee 14.3

2-Colton McNabb 16.0

3-Peyton Curtis 17.6

200-meter dash

Age 0-3

1-Brooklyn Avalon 1:10.3

2-Sahalie Heavenrich 1:27.9

3-Alora Duggan 1:29.6

Age 4-6

1-Noah Younker 44.1

2-Carson Salisbury 44.5

3-Kaeden Lyster 46.7

Age 7-9

1-Owen Clarke 47.6

2-Brodie Avalon 49.2

3-Abby Miller 50.3


1-Colton McNabb 42.1

2-Peyton Curtis 47.9

400-meter dash

Age 0-3

1-Sawyer Linquist

2-Sahalie Heavenrich

3-Alora Duggan

Age 4-6

1-Kaedan Lyster

2-Noah Younker

3-Braden Avalon

Age 7-9

1-Megan Salisbury

2-Brodie Avalon

3-Owen Clarke

Age 10-13

1-Colton McNabb

2-Peyton Curtis

3-Noah Miller

Mile Run

Age 4-6

1-Noah Younker 11:08

Age 7-9

1-Owen Clarke 10:42

Age 10-13

1-Ben Brownlee 6:24.7

2-Colton McNabb 8:53.6

2X200 Relay

1-Ben and Bella Brownlee 1:17.8

2-Colton McNabb and Peyton Curtis 1:22.8

3-Owen Clarke and Megan Salisbury 1:43.1

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