Beacon Charters (360-642-2138)

Office Manager Sandy

Passengers Boat Captain Length

6-12 Coho Sally Mike Cassinelli 42'

Coho Charters (800-339-2646, 360-642-3333)

Office Manager Terri Smith

6-14 Coho King Butch Smith 40'

6-14 Reel Fun Hank Pyne 42'

6-16 Coho Mooch Dwight Wallace 42'

12-18 Leigh High Ken Herman 48'

Pacific Salmon Charters (800-831-2695, 360-642-3466)

Office Manager Sarah Gudgell)

10-18 Big Dipper Ron Malast 50'

6-14 Katie Don Aasen 43'

6-15 Katie Marie Rob Gudgell 43'

6 Net Profit Paul Knowles 30'

6-10 Sara Kay Milt Gudgell 36'

6 Sea Angel Dave Clemons 32'

6-15 Sea Venture Jon Hanson 40'

6-12 Star Dust Erik Ervest 40'

6-12 Westward David Gudgell 40'

Sea Breeze Charters (800-204-9125, 360-642-2300)

Office Managers Pat & Max Gentry

6-16 Four Seasons Pat Schenk 50'

6-16 Mar-B 111 Scott Munsell 43'

6-16 Sea Breeze Perry Van Over 43'

6-16 Salty Dog Tony Cook 43'

6-16 Nauti Lady Dan Schenk 43'

6 Sea Jac Frank Unfred 32'

6 Lucky Dog Joanna Saari 32'

Norsk Charters (866-225-3940)6-14 Norsk Linda Thompson 45'

This represents the charter boat roster operating out of the Port of Ilwaco for the upcoming fishing season. All vessels are operated by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captains, with insured boats and all charter boats supplying morning coffee, rod/ reel and bait. Bring lunch, beverages and warm clothing. Washington or Oregon resident licenses are acceptable and two-day licenses are sold at the charter offices. After you come back to the docks, a deckhand will take photograph your fish and then take the catch to the cannery to be processed per your instructions. Bring a camera.

Time is getting late to book fishing trips for the upcoming season. Most of the charterhouses have already attended the sportsmen's shows in Portland, Seattle and Puyallup and many; especially weekend dates, have been booked.

ForecastsBottom fishing is at its best in April and May. Large groups of bottomfish are found 18 miles south of Ilwaco, with gorgeous scenery to be had on the trip. Limits are 10 rockfish and two lingcod per angler.

Halibut fishing begins May 1, seven days a week until the quota is met. Halibut fishing is done off the mouth of the Columbia River, about 20 miles out in the Pacific Ocean, in 500-600 feet of water. It's "blue water," and the seabirds and wildlife can make for an interesting day.

Sturgeon fishing will begin May 15 through July 23. It will be open seven days a week The daily limit is one fish. This will be a short season and bookings are filling up fast.

Salmon forecast for this season is excellent with and the third-largest Chinook run since 1948. The final salmon season will not be announced until April 9, but the ocean season should open by the first week of July. Fishing in the ocean is open Sunday through Thursday, closed on Friday and Saturday. The Buoy 10 and Columbia River salmon season opens Aug. 1, seven days a week.

Tuna fishing begins in July. Boats leave the harbor between 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. and should return between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Last year's tuna fishing was exceptional. Your best bet is to book a boat that carries live bait, as it will enable you to catch more fish on light tackle. This can be a very exciting trip with sharks, dolphins, killer whales and other sea life in abundance.

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