OLYMPIA - Washington and Oregon fish managers have set rules for the remainder of this year's sturgeon sport fishery in the Columbia River.

Rules differ for angling above and below the Wauna powerline crossing from Cathlamet, Wash. to Oregon, at river mile 40 near Puget Island.

Below the Wauna powerlines, downstream to the mouth of the Columbia River, including tributaries, anglers are allowed to:

Retain sturgeon seven days a week through April 30, and again from May 15 to July 23. Sturgeon kept through April 30 must measure 42 to 60 inches, however managers raised the minimum-size limit for fish kept below the Wauna powerlines from 42 inches to 45 inches, effective May 15.

Pursue catch-and-release fishing only from May 1 to May 14 and July 24 to Dec. 31.

During retention periods, fishers are limited to one sturgeon per day. In Washington waters, anglers face an annual limit of 10 sturgeon per year through March 31; beginning April 1 that annual limit drops to five fish. Oregon imposed a five-sturgeon annual limit at the beginning of this year.

Above the Wauna power lines upstream to Bonneville Dam, state fish managers agreed to allow three-day-per-week sturgeon retention from Feb. 1 to July 31 and from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, with catch-and-release fishing only in August and September.

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