Comettes volleyball team disorients Navigators

Mary Jane Mobley and Tiffany Pauly were among the Naselle Comettes who played their way to victory last week over Oakville and Northwest Christian. AUDREY WIRKKALA photo

NASELLE - The Naselle Comettes made short work of the Northwest Christian Navigators in a Pacific League volleyball match played in Naselle on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Naselle beat the Navs 3-0 on game scores of 15-4, 15-2, and 15-6. Naselle's league record climbed to 5-0, and 9-2 overall.

Coach Doug Rogers praised the serving of Jordan Varila, Tiffany Pauly, and Katie Klinger and the hitting of Marijane Mobley and Pauly in Naselle's easy win.

The Comettes wasted little time, after giving up the first point of the match, and raced to a 6-1 lead with Varila's serving leading the way. When Pauly got her turn at serving, the Comettes extended their lead to 9-1 and then led 10-3 at the conclusion of one complete team rotation. The Varila-Pauly combo then served the next four points and Lucy Rubio dropped in the final point for the 15-4 win.

Naselle's win in the second game was even easier as the scoring was spread out among six players. Varila was 6 for 6 in her serves as she served for a 4-0 lead. The Comettes didn't go on any big scoring runs but they still worked their way to a 12-1 lead after the first round of servers. The Comettes then finished out the game with three more points for the 15-2 win.

Leading 2-0, the Comettes went to their bench players. They fell behind 4-0, but quickly came back to reestablish the lead. The Comettes got the lead back when Klinger went 7 for 7 in her serves, including 2 aces, and the Comettes took the lead at 9-5. The Comettes reserves went on from there to add on the final six points and the 15-6 win and the match win by a score of 3-0.

The Comettes JVs swept the young Navigators 3-0 on game scores of 15-5, 15-3, and 15-9.

NW Christian 4 2 6 (0)

Naselle 15 15 15 (3)

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