NASELLE — “I just think this crew has something about them,” says coach Brian Macy of the Naselle HIgh School boys basketball team. “They kind of came together at (the Lyle Patterson Memorial Basketball) camp as a team and we saw what they are capable of. They are willing to work hard.”

Macy is depending on Gino Juarez, Tony Lopez and Adrian Corona as part of his starting line-up. Juarez has a great passion for the game, and is an excellent ball-handler. He can drive to the basket and has the ability to step back and hit the three pointer. Lopez has a lot of hustle on the court and is an unselfish player who performs well at both ends of the court. Macy said Corona is an all-around solid player. Macy said he’s also hoping for big things from 6-foot-7 senior Matt Carter

“We are going to need him down the road, so he is going to have to start from day one and get the minutes in order to get better for down the road,” said Macy. “By the end of the year, if we are going to do anything, we are going to need him in there.”

Macy said the remaining spot in the starting lineup is open to whoever works the hardest. Cole Bergeson, Connor See and Hayden Gudmundsen are all viable candidates.

“We’ve got pretty good depth,” said Macy “Kyler Wulf is a hard worker and he should be able to come in and give us some good minutes. Travis Pine can shoot lights out and he should get some time. Jacob Scrabeck is a good ball handler and has a good sense of the game. Another guy who is pretty productive is Ramsey Estes. He played summer ball with us and showed he can contribute. Donny Edwards played most of the summer and he may end up pushing some of the guys as we get into the season.”

As far as strategy, the Comets will play man-to-man pressure defense, as well as some zone.

“From day one, we’re going to try to pick them up full court, pressure them a little bit. Pressure the ball. Always pressure the ball. Keep them out of the key,” said Macy.

The Comets will be thrown right in the fire to start out the season. They open against Montesano, a tough 1A team, then play at the Warrenton Tournament this Friday and Saturday before playing two of their old Pacific League rivals, South Bend and Willapa Valley.

“We’re playing these teams because they are good competition,” said Macy. “I think we should be competitive and I think it will help prepare us for those 1B schools. However, we need to make sure we keep our heads up and don’t get down if we lose some of these games that are early in the schedule. Our goal is to be playing our best basketball by February or early March.”

Players on the team this year include: Edwards, Carter, Corona, Hayden Gudmundsen, Steven Wirkkala, Connor See, Pine, Lopez, Wulf, Bergeson, Erik Lund, Scrabeck, Kyle Wirkkala, Zach Thoreson, Juarez, Estes and Carson Bergeson.

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