ILWACO - Ron Dietl created more than a little excitement bowling on lanes 1 and 2 at Hilltop Bowl, March 8.

Members of the Coffee Breakers League watched in awe that Tuesday morning as Dietl bowled nine strikes in his first game and earned a score of 257; the second game he made eight strikes for a 247 game. Then came the third game, and what a charm it was - 12 strikes for a 300 game and an 803 series!

Dietl is an accomplished bowler who has already bowled five 300 games in his lifetime, including one at the Washington State Men's Tournament two years ago. But he had not bowled a 300 in his own house, Hilltop Bowl, a goal he has been trying to reach for more than eight years, until now. Ron and his wife Colleen are the owners of Hilltop Bowl.

As the lanes are in an ABC/WIBC-sanctioned house, Ron will receive a "300" ring as well as an "800" ring. Additionally, because his average is 197, he wins pins for 100-pins over average-game, 150-pins over-average series, senior 75-pins over average-game and senior 125 pins over average-series.

Asked what his next goal was, he replied, "back-to-back 300 games and three 300 games for a 900 series" - every bowler's dream!

Members of the Coffee Breakers League were so excited to watch Ron bowl a 300 game in their league. Almost all the members have only seen 300 games bowled on television by professionals, and it was great fun to have a pro in their midst.

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