Fish & Feathers: How lucky can you be? Part II

Customers and staff alike celebrate Halloween at Sentry Market in Ocean Park. Friendly people like these help make the Peninsula what it is. RON MALAST photo

Last week we spoke of the aquatic and animal environment that surrounds the Long Beach Peninsula and helps make it such a special place to live.

Nature and man-made objects sometimes combine to produce spectacular scenes - the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and the North Head Lighthouse are but two examples of poetry in motion. On any given stormy day you can go to Ft. Canby's Waikiki Beach and see people mesmerized at the sight of powerful waves bursting at the base of the cape - the bigger the storm, the bigger the crowd. Waikiki Beach also provides surfing opportunities for the brave at heart when "surf's up!"

The interpretive center and the museum in Ilwaco offer an authentic historical outline of early life on the Peninsula and should be a must for any visiting friend or relative. The artifacts and illustrations are outstanding and certainly educational for adults and youths alike.

The Port of Ilwaco is undergoing a major facelift and has become the home of some outstanding art galleries, maritime shops, a bookstore, restaurants and a whole host of interesting diversions. During the summer, the sport fishing fleet is met by crowds anxious to view "the catch of the day" and the commercial fleet fills our restaurants and stores with the finest fresh fish available.

The pleasure of shopping at Jack's, Sentry or Sid's is only enhanced by the clerks who welcome you by name and wheeling your cart in the company of neighbors who are never in too big a hurry for a little chat.

This is living on the Peninsula at it's best! The International Kite Festival, the Rod Run, Fourth of July fireworks, sand castles, beach walks and races, it's just enough to wear you out without traveling 20 miles.

It would be difficult to imagine a location that would possess the diversity to appeal to so many people so close to what we call home - the Long Beach Peninsula, how lucky can you get!

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