Fish & Feathers: Hunting when it hurts

Fish & Feathers: Hunting when it hurts

For most of my life I have been fortunate enough to be in good enough health to make the outdoors an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

It was always rewarding to stalk animal up and down ravines and over the farthest skyline, mostly for the pleasure of being in the outdoors and for the hunt. As we get older some of us incur disabilities from previous injuries or simply from the aging process. Through the lobbying of various disability groups and hunting and fishing associations, pressure has been brought against state fish and game departments to provide various options for the disabled.

The state of Washington provides several options for those with various disabilities:

The designated hunter companion card allows you to designate a licensed companion hunter who may shoot, tag and retrieve game for you, the hunter with the disability must be in the immediate company of the disabled hunter. This permit allows a disabled hunter to shoot from a motor vehicle, non-highway vehicle or snowmobile when the vehicle is stopped, the motor is turned off and the vehicle is not on the maintained portion of a public highway.

There is also a designated harvester card available for those wishing to take food fish, shellfish (clams) or game fish. Again, the disabled person must be in the immediate vicinity of the designated harvester.

    You could also be eligible for reduced fees on hunting and fishing licenses and there are certainly permits available for disabled veterans.

Not every person with a disability will qualify for the WDFW disabled hunter permit.

A person with a disability means a person with a permanent disability who is:

1. Not ambulatory over natural terrain without a prosthesis or assisted device such as, but not limited to wheelchair, crutches, cane, or

2. Unable to hold or shoot a firearm or other legal hunting device, or

3. Totally blind or visually impaired,which means central visual acuity that does not exceed 20/200 in the better eye with corrective lenses, or the visual field is no greater than 20. Ddisabled hunter road entry opportunities are being developed and many existing areas may be changing for hunters with disabilities using a motor vehicle to enter "walk-in" only (closed road) areas.

Information about road entry opportunities will be posted on the web page http:/ For more information about the access or designated cards, please contact 360-902-2464.

I hope this makes things easier for some of you.


Nautical TriviaChew the Fat - In the days when brine was added to the barrels of meat, it had a hardening effect on the fat. It was edible but it took considerable chewing. So, to "chew the fat" has come to mean to talk endlessly.

Tidy - The word is derived from the tide hence the meaning of being well arranged and methodical as associated with the tides.

Blazers - Uniforms were not common place amongst the lower deck but most captains liked to show off their crews for ceremonies and since the captain paid the bills they were able to pick out the outfits for their men. The snappy blue jackets worm by the crew of the H.M.S. Blazer were the most memorable and in no time the crew were known as "the blazers" and that is how the garment got its name.

Ron Malast is an Ilwaco charter boat captain. For information call 665-3573.

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