Fish & Feathers: North to Alaska

Caribou and North American reindeer were among the wildlife photographed by Port of Peninsula Manager Howard Teague on a recent trip to Alaska.

For many, Alaska is envisioned as a faraway place with blowing snow, wind, polar bears and igloos. Alaska is all of these things, at times, but it is also so much more.

Having had the to opportunity to live and work in Alaska for many years, I have always felt that every man should take the time to visit our most northern state at least once in his life. Alaska is so enormous and the terrain so diversified that it is impossible to grasp its vastness in one sitting.

While sitting over a cup of coffee, Howard Teague and I were discussing his upcoming trip to Alaska to participate in the Alaska Association of Harbor Masters and Port Managers Association Conference. Howard is, as you probably already know, port manager of the newly renovated Port of Peninsula harbor and facilities at Nahcotta. His enthusiasm was reflected by the fact that this would be his first chance to visit the "last frontier."

Howard said, "The three-day conference proved to be of enormous benefit to me, sharing the experiences and planning strategy with 45 other port managers was enlightening."

The conference discussed future construction of facilities for the disabled including gangways, restrooms and recreational facilities. A major portion of the conference revolved around increased port security, proper use of security cameras, employee security consciousness and revised or new U.S. Coast Guard standards.

Howard, an excellent photographer, spent his personal time discovering and photographing Denali National Park. The trip proved to be both enlightening an educational.

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