Fish & Feathers: The Good Ole Boys from Dollars Corner!

<I>RON MALAST photo</I><BR>A small portion of the Good Ole Guys from Dollars Corner (the blue heeler is the best behaved of the bunch).

We certainly get a lot of visitors here on the Peninsula when we have a clam dig, especially when we entertain a five-day dig such as we had this past week. They come from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Salem and even some from the other side of the mountains.

Then there is the group from Dollars Corner Moose Lodge, which is somewhere over by Battle Ground, which is located somewhere near Vancouver. This group travels like a band of gypsies, numbering anywhere from 30 to 50 people and traveling in anything from $225,000 motor coaches to stagecoaches. They come in all sizes and shapes, mostly of the retired species and always looking for a good time. There certainly is no shortage of money and they spend most of it supporting the Ocean Park economy. A fashion statement they do not make, with bib overalls seeming to be the trendy wear. They are loud and friendly and their women take no back seat to the men.

They travel in a horde, clamming together, cleaning clams together, eating together and most of all partying together. Most of them rolled in Friday night and enjoyed the improved weather conditions of the last four days of the dig and dig they did. When I ran into them Saturday afternoon, they had just completed cleaning 25 limits of clams and they could be found by the crescendo of laughter rising from a campfire on U Street. It is recommended to keep women and children off the streets and indoors until their departure Wednesday night, when the Peninsula will be a safer place for all of us.

We love you "Guys" - have a safe trip home.

Spring ChinookAfter several weeks of excellent fishing, the spring Chinook run went to sleep around mid-April but then again the fish count rose to 3,500 per day by the end of April. Everything is in a holding pattern now, waiting to see if the rest of the run is late or lower than expected.

HalibutHalibut fishing opened in the ocean on May 1, and for the past several days, the boats out of Ilwaco have been having a little difficultly with rough seas. When they get out they do get fish.


Sturgeon fishing opens in the Lower Columbia on Saturday May 10, with a size limit of 42- to 60-inches.

Ron Malast is operator of the Big Dipper working out of Sea Sport Fishing Charters in Ilwaco 665-3573 or 1-866-211-6611.

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