NASELLE - From Washington, D.C. to Naselle, Washington, Clyde Glick has found a home on the left coast and is right at home on the football field as the Comets defensive coordinator. Glick is a 1982 graduate of Tillamook High School in Oregon where he played football, basketball and track.

The wiry Glick then reported to the U.S. Army where he served for 10 years, with a six-year tour in Germany. He married wife Susan and after he was out of the service the couple settled in Washington, D.C. "When our first daughter was born we decided we didn't want our kids to grow up in D.C., so we began looking for employment in the Pacific Northwest," Glick explains.

He found a position as security guard at Naselle Youth Camp and his daughters are now 12 and five. After 10 years of defending our country, Glick now runs Naselle's defense and was instrumental in helping Coach Jeff Eaton lead the Comets to a 9-2 record and a state quarterfinal football playoff game.

Prior to that Glick has coached a total of 16 years, including a stint as an assistant basketball coach. "I've helped coach soccer, football, basketball, you name it." He helped with Ilwaco and Astoria football three years prior to landing the defensive coordinator position in Naselle. He is big on motivation and fundamentals. Early in the Comets season opener against Wahkiakum Friday, Glick asked one defensive player as he came off the field what he saw out there. Receiving the silent treatment Glick pleaded, "Come on, you have to see something out there or you're not alive."

One thing for certain Clyde Glick won't give you the silent treatment on the football field as his energy and enthusiasm are contagious and you can tell that the players he works with are excited about that.

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