SEASIDE - The Ground Roasters, a 12 woman walking team made up largely of Naselle-Grays River area walkers, finished 12th (out of 162 teams) in the women's walking category of the Hood to Coast Relay held last weekend.

The walkers started in Portland for the approximately 100-mile walk to the Seaside beach, while the runners started at Mt. Hood. The Ground Roasters also finished 51st overall out of 353 total (men's and women's) walking teams.

The "Roasters" completed the course in 26 hours, 59 minutes, and 4 seconds. "We were a little slower than last year but we felt that we did well since we were in a rebuilding year with seven of our twelve walkers being new to the team this year," said spokes person Karen Jansma.

The Ground Roasters team members are: Karen Jansma, Cheryl Raistakka, Mary Beth Queral, Kristi Leeland, and Chris Zimmerman (all employees of the Naselle Youth Camp), and Patty Beaulaurier, Deb Stenvall, Kimberly Helvey, Cathy Wood (of Warrenton), Betsy Simms, Colleen Halsey and Paula Cartwright (of Colfax).

Local CRS Express team competes in Hood to Coast Relay

SEASIDE - The CRS Express, a team of local runners, completed the Hood to Coast relay. Spokesperson Mike Matthews of the team, the longtime Naselle-Grays River area team entry in the Hood to Coast Relay, said, "We - actually make that some of us - are getting older, but we still finished the Hood to Coast relay in a little over 30 hours.

"We were missing one runner so some of the other runners in van one had to run his miles. Then, when we came in at the finish, somehow we didn't get an official time. But it was a little slower than we ran last year. Considering the trouble we had with one runner missing and several new runners, and the rest of us getting older, we still did okay."

The runners and support people of the CRS Express are: Van 1 - Steve Quick, Debbie Denny, Roy Herrold, Ken Jansma, Chris (last name unavailable), and driver Mark Linquist. Van 2 - Joannie Matthews, Melanie Wirkkala, Jim Ricardi, Ed Girard, Mary Ann Scholten, Mike Matthews, and driver Larry Lutdke.

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