Naselle 32 — Montesano 51


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NASELLE — After being down just seven points at halftime, the third period was a nightmare for the Naselle Comets in their season opener Dec. 1 against Montesano. The Comets were unable to find their rhythm in the second half and were subsequently shutout in the third quarter, leading to a 51-32 loss.

“We need more conditioning. We need to get in better shape, all of us,” said Gino Juarez. “We have to be able to get up and down the court faster throughout the entire game.”

Teammate Tony Lopez agreed, admitting that conditioning hampered his play.

“Yeah, I was getting a little tired. I try to play hard. Sometimes I expect a little bit more out of myself though and I get a little disappointed in myself, but, with the coaches’ help, I’ll improve my conditioning.”

The game was tied 11-11 after the first period, and both teams scored nine in the fourth.

“We worked hard and kept with them really well in the beginning and then we stopped running our offense well,” said Kyler Wulf. “That’s what shot us in the foot. In the third quarter we were just not getting into place with our offense. Sometimes we were just standing there and not getting into the open.”

Juarez and Connor See had a team-high seven points and Lopez added six, while Hayden Gudmundsen was a standout on defense,

“I take pride in my defense. I like to play defense,” he said. “We’ve got to bring the same level of intensity for the whole game that we brought in the first quarter.”

Comets: 11 12 0 9 – 32

Bulldogs: 11 19 12 9 – 51

Comets: Gino Juarez 7, Connor See 7, Tony Lopez 6, Adrian Corona 3, Cole Bergeson 3, Hayden Gudmundsen 2, Kyler Wulf 2, Ramzi Estes 2

Bulldogs: Logan Truax 17, Kaleb Chastain 13, Nick Chapman 5, Jake Herzog 4, Alex Hopsecger 4, Noah Quinn 3, Nate Chapman 3, Cole Nelson 2

NHS 42 — Warrenton 61

WARRENTON — On Friday, the Naselle Comets lost their first game of the annual Warrenton season opening tournament, falling 61-42 to the host Warriors. The game would have closer had the Comets been able to get their shots to fall the way Warrenton did.

“We hustled. We hustled our butts off and I’m proud of that. That’s one thing we want to do,” said Hayden Gudmundsen. “We have to play a little bit better defense and we have to execute our offense better, but we’re almost there. They were getting their shots to fall. If we could have done the same, we would have been right there.”

Gino Juarez continues to look good in the point guard spot early in the season, and led the team in scoring with a dozen.

“I focused on my ball handling most of the summer with my brother and I would put it to use at the park that I always go to. They weren’t all that good at defending me. I noticed early that when I would back up, they would come to me, so I just figured ‘come to me and I’ll drive past you every time.’”

Comets: 4 13 17 8 – 42

Warriors: 10 15 22 14 – 61

Comets: Gino Juarez 12, Adrian Corona 11, Connor See 7, Tony Lopez 4, Cole Bergeson 3, Jacob Scrabeck 3, Hayden Gudmundsen 2

Warriors: Christian Holt 21, Brock Johnson 14, Gavon McFadden 9, Anthony Cochran 4, Tyler Whitaker 4, Hunter Wilson 3, Chris Ocanna 2, Kory Thomas 2, Bryton Kyme 2

NHS 31 — Knappa 83

WARRENTON — In their second and final game at the Warrenton season opening tournament Saturday, the Comets face a very tough Knappa team that simply overpowered them, winning easily, 83-31. The Loggers were quick, they were athletic and they were dominant.

“We’ve got to get better and not let pressure get to our heads,” said Connor See “We need to stay composed against pressure and be able to react to whatever situation is put in front of us. We’ll mentally focus on the good things that happened today and physically work on those areas where we were making errors.”

In the locker room following the game, coach Brian Macy reminded the players that they are playing bigger schools in the early season non-conference games.

“Take these games as chances to get better before we start playing against other 1B teams in games that count,” he said. “We faced a bigger and better team today. Learn from it, and be the better for it.”

The Comets will be at home this week, hosting South Bend on Wednesday and Willapa Valley on Friday.

Comets: Gino Juarez 6, Donny Edwards 6, Tony Lopez 4, Travis Pine 4, Adrian Corona 3, Connor See 3, Cole Bergeson 2, Ramzi Estes 2, Matt Carter 1

Loggers: Tyson Burnard 26, Colton Weirup 15, Dale Takalo 14, Chandler Emken 7, Ethan Rubus 6, Andy Miller 6, Michal Goodman 4, Dakota Severson 3, Justin Dragoo 2

Comets: 4 10 8 9 - 31

Loggers: 13 25 22 23 - 83

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