LACENTER - Starting like a house of fire, Ilwaco's volleyball team jumped to two nip-and-tuck wins in the first two games, only to lose the next three and be defeated at LaCenter Tuesday.

"We could have easily won this match, but the mental toughness and togetherness we have shown wasn't always there," Coach Grant Chinn said.

The Lady Fishermen won a hotly contested first game 27-25 and secured game two 25-22. The Lady Wildcats defeated Ilwaco 25-20 in game. The Lady Fishermen were on the brink of victory in the see-saw match in game four, leading 24-20, but LaCenter ran off six straight points to win 26-24. The final game LaCenter won eight straight points to secure a 15-6 win and victory for the match.

"We served well in the match," Chinn said. "But with rally scoring, the tide can change in a hurry. Unfortunately, our team-ness and mental concentration wasn't always as sharp as we have shown it can be."

According to the coach, Nicole Adams continues to hit the ball better every game. Freshmen Marissa Janas and Katie Hazen are gaining confidence and Hazen is serving with tremendous accuracy. Brittney Fox is more active on offense and defense and her confidence is on the rise, and seniors Heather Hocking and Mary Margaret Tomberlin continue to give 100 percent and be mentally and physically strong leaders.

"I am looking forward to us getting better the second half of the season and winning some of these matches that have been so close," said Chinn.

Ilwaco 27 25 20 24 6

LaCenter 25 22 25 26 15

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