ILWACO - The next meeting of the Ilwaco Sports Boosters will be Tuesday, March 30, 7 p.m., at Ilwaco High School.

They plan to discuss upcoming officer elections and the future of the Ilwaco Sports Boosters. The Boosters say that they are "at an important juncture in their existence," asking, "Where do we go from here?"

Despite the tremendous support and success, unfortunately, many of the older members are drifting away from the Boosters as children graduate and move on. While many continue to support Booster events, their presence and involvement behind the Booster scene has been hard to replace. New faces have stepped up to fill those vacant roles, but the trend is that fewer people are doing more of the work.

This spring, the bulk of the Sport Boosters Board will be retiring leaving several vacancies to be filled. The outgoing board members have done their time supporting their kids, your kids, and their community.

Now, it is your turn. The Boosters will be working hard this year to recruit and maintain a core of active volunteers, especially from the next generation of athletes, willing to donate their time and energy in the Ilwaco Sports Booster program. The Boosters need your help, your time and your commitment.

The Boosters are more than just an annual crab feed or booth at the Kite Festival. The Boosters provide invaluable support to all of the athletic programs. They outfit teams and kids with gear, equipment, uniforms, training, transportation, etc. They also help kids who want to play or participate, but are unable to participate financially. they have helped, and continue to help, provide facilities for kids to play or train in.

The Boosters have an annual scholarship program for graduating seniors showing a commitment to academics, athletics and the community. These things are important, but they also take loads of committed volunteers to make them happen.

If you care about Junior/Senior High School athletics, especially if you have a child in one of the sports programs benefiting from the Sports Boosters support and fundraising activities, you need to get more involved in this program. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming Booster meetings and events. Any questions, please call Mick DeSimone at 642-4584 or 642-9382.

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