More than 50 kindergarten through 11th-graders turnout for Naselle basketball camp

More than 50 kindergarten through 11th-graders turnout for Naselle basketball camp

NASELLE - The basketball camp at Naselle High School, sponsored by Wahkiakum West and the Comet Booster Club, turned out to be a huge success as about 50 youngsters from kindergarten through grade 11 attended the four-day camp.

Volunteers Kim Eaton, Kyle Burkhalter, Austin Burkhalter, Conor Smith, Nora Darcher, Bob Burkhalter, Lyle Patterson, Scott Smith, Greg Nelson, Justin Laine, Marilyn Strange and Bob Torppa helped with the program. The camp ran three sessions each day for grades K-3, 4-6 and 7-11.

Those attending included: Kyle Strange, Taylor Eaton, Makaya Matthews, Abbie Eaton, Madison Green, Conor See, Savannah Zimmerman, Dylan Frank, Kathryn Green, Kayti Nelson, Nicholas Strange, Christopher Jewell, Chandler Chapman, Dustin Eaton, Makenzie Matthews, Calvin Zimmerman, Ashley Bailey.

Also, Robert Eaton, Alana Darcher, Austin Smith, Cramer Smith, Nicholas Zimmerman, Megan Agee, Alex Bighill, Chase Chapman, Haleigh See, Nicole Tarabochia, Austin Burkhalter, Nathan Carlson, Alan Erickson, Emily Green, Nicole Laney, Drew Macy, Karli Nelson, Calen Thompson, Ethan Wentz, Alex Bennett, Conor Smith, Kyle Burkhalter, Garrick Bennett, Kelsey Fletcher, Cheryl Steppe, Colette Beaulaurier, Jenny Klinger, Sarah Dotson, Annie Herrold, Jamie Ahlstrom and Kelli Revis.

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