NASELLE - The varsity sports awards for the 2003-04 year were presented to the student-athletes of Naselle High School at an awards program held last Wednesday night. The coaches of the various sports presented the awards.

Football and basketball cheerleaders by coach Angelee Torppa: Miranda Agee, Alycia Rodriguez, Shana Noyes, Megan Bozarth, Brittany Pellervo, Karissa Sultemeier and Sandra Rodriguez.

Volleyball by coaches Debbie Denny and Kim Eaton: Amanda Badger, Annie Herrold, Katie Klinger, Kelli Revis, Jamie Ahlstrom, Brittanie Vaughn, Marijane Mobley. Jamie Bighill, Toni Abbott, Miranda Agee and Jamie Hines. Pacific League Awards - All Academic: Katie Klinger, Annie Herrold, Kelli Revis, Jenny Klinger. and Jamie Bighill. All League: Toni Abbott, Kelli Revis, Annie Herrold and Amanda Badger. Team Awards - Top Server: Amanda Badger, Most Inspirational: Brittanie Vaughn.

Cross country awards by coaches Ryan Bjornsgard and Alan Bennett: Aoy Marion, Evan Hendrickson, Keegan McGuire, Spencer Griss, Annie Herrold, Erin Saari, Jenny Klinger, Sunny Trent, Eli Williams, Ryan Nortrup, Cory Teubner, Garrick Bennett, Katie Klinger, Reese Moore and Kristiina Chism. State Cross Country Meet Participant: Evan Hendrickson. Most Valuable Runner: Erin Saari and Evan Hendrickson. Most Improved: Kristiina Chism and Keegan McGuire.

Football by coaches Matt Scrabeck, Jeff Eaton and Chris Clark: Colby Engelson, Caleb Hazen, Randy Johnson, Carl Fredrickson, Doug Wise, Paul Perez, Derek Johnson, Daniel While, David Gradt, Richard Smith, Mike {Perez, Jeremy Jordan, Tony Ruch, Brad Erickson, Jeremy Ray and Robert Rangilla. Team Awards - Most Improved: Dan White. Most Valuable Player: Derek Johnson. Most Inspirational: Richard Smith.

Boys basketball by coaches Ryan Bjornsgard and Paul Jarrett: Evan Hendrickson, Greg Queener, Richard Smith, Aoy Marion, Eli Williams, Tony Mendoza, Carl Fredrickson, Doug Wise, Paul Perez, Daniel White, Ricky Johnson and Keegan McGuire. Pacific League Awards: - All League Honorable Mention: Ricky Johnson, Evan Hendrickson and Aoy marion. Team Awards - Best defense: Aoy Marion. Guts Award: Ricky Johnson. Chairman of the Boards: Ricky Johnson. Coaches Award: Evan Hendrickson.

Girls basketball by coaches Bob Torppa and Robin Andrea: Toni Abbott, Annie Herrold, Jaimie Hines, Katie Klinger, Kelli Revis, Collette Beaulaurier, Katherine Herrold, Jamie Ahlstrom, Brittany Pellervo, Cheryl Steppe, Brittanie Vaughn and Erin Saari. Pacific League Awards - All League Honorable Mention: Kelli Revis, Katie Klinger and Annie Herrold. Team Awards - MVP: Kelli Revis. Inspirational: Annie Herrold. Defensive Player: Toni Abbott. Most Improved: Brittanie Vaughn.

Girls softball by coaches Chris Clark and Bert Haven: Jamie Ahlstrom, Toni Abbott, Kelli Revis, Chera Anderson, Katie Klinger, Kellyn Pakenen, Jamie Hines, Colette Beaulaurier, Whitney Queral, Angela Dundom, Sunny Trent, Megan Kato, Miranda Agee, Brittanie Vaughn, Annie Herrold, Brittany Pellervo, Sarah Dotson, Jamie Bighill, Marijane Mobley, Chelsea Johnson, Elecia Vaughn, Kelsi Nelson, Crystal Bartolis and Kristiina Chism. (All league selections noted in another story in this paper.) Team Awards - Most Inspirational: Toni Abbott. Most Improved: Jamie Ahlstrom. MVP: Marijane Mobley.

Boys baseball by coaches Pete Donlon and Randy Lindstrom: Colby Engelson, David Gradt, Caleb Hazen, Randy Johnson, Aoy Marion, Doug Wise, Dan White, Richard Smith, Jeremy Ray, Matt Chavez and Derek Johnson, (All league selections noted in another story in this paper.) Team Awards - MVP: Derek Johnson. Defensive Player: Doug Wise. Offensive Player: Aoy Marion. Hustle Award: Richard Smith.

Track by coaches Debbie Denny and Scott Smith: Jamie Bighill, Katherine Herrold, Erin Saari, Keegan McGuire, Kelsey Fletcher, Kelli Revis, Sandra Rodriguez, Tony Ruch, Karl Fredrickson, Dan White, Jaimie Hines, Jenny Klinger, Katie Klinger, Tony Mendoza, Robert Rangilla, Jeremy Ray and Cheryl Steppe. State Track Meet Competitors: Katie Klinger, Jenny Klinger, Sandra Rodriguez, Kelsey Fletcher, Erin Saari and Katherine Herrold. Team Awards - Coaches' Award: Kelsey Fletcher. Inspirational Award: Katherine Herrold and Carl Fredrickson.

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