NASELLE - Success in middle school sports is not only in the win/loss column, but also in players' performances, according to Naselle Middle School volleyball coaches Diane Bennett and Jenny Blake. They started the season with five eighth-graders and three seventh-graders. Small classes of girls forced them to complete two teams by bringing six sixth graders. That gave them enough for two teams with two subs, rotating the three seventh-graders from the sixth/seventh teams to the eighth-grade team. Much of the time, there were only 12 players. However, they had made up in heart with what we missed with having the extra players.

This was a terrific, fun, and hard work this group. They improved every game as even officials who had officiated earlier in the season took time to point this out. By the last week of games, all of the players were serving over the net and 75 percent of the girls were serving overhand, plus succeeding in scoring with the pass - set - hit (kill) formula.

The roster included: Eighth - Emma Fauver, Risa Fletcher, Jerrica Juarez, Shelby Leeland - captain, and Crystal Neprud; Seventh - Samantha Bauer, Emily Green - co-captain, and Nicole Laney - co-captain; Sixth - Megan Agee, Kaelee Dearmore, Alexandra Lopez, Sara Maki, Haleigh See, and Nicole Tarabochia.

"This wonderful group of girls made it a pleasure to coach. They are the kind of kids that answer the question of why one coaches. We would like to thank all the people who helped during the season. A special thanks to Laurie Green for her score book work and Jon Dearmore for operating the score clock," the coaches agreed.

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