ILWACO – Hard hitting by Karley Reidinger and Jessica Sanchez led South Bend to a 25-21, 25-12, 25-20 win over Ilwaco Thursday, Oct. 11.

Asu Herrera-Sanchez nailed a shot right on the back line to cut the Indians’ first set lead to 19-18, and Ilwaco went on to take a 20-19 lead. Jessica Sanchez answered for South Bend with a tying kill to the back of Ilwaco’s court. Reidinger gave the Indians the lead with an overpowering kill. Riley Hampton powered one through Ilwaco’s front line to extend the lead to three, and South Bend went on to win the set by four.

Jessica Sanchez dominated early in the second set with four quick kills as the Indians took a 6-1 lead, which they quickly extended to 11-2. Ilwaco setter Faith Simonson made a great play, running to her right to track down a ball on second contact and directing it to her left to a hole that was opening up in the Indians’ defense to cut it to 14-8. Reidinger answered with a high-velocity kill on the next point. Sanchez reached over for a spike to stretch it to 19-9, and the Indians cruised to the lopsided second-set win.

Ebby McMullen kept Ilwaco in it early in the third set, working the sidelines with precise shots. She opened with a kill right on the sideline, then scored another point with a hard hit that the defender could not handle. McMullen followed by blocking a Sanchez shot, knocking it from the middle all the way to the right sideline. She forced a sideways dive and miss for another point, but South Bend still led 9-7 at that juncture. McMullen pushed a shot right to the middle of the defense; several players dived, but none could get there. That tied it at 11, and Ilwaco went on to take a 13-11 lead.

South Bend scored five straight to make it 16-13. Simonson once again showed her court vision, bumping an over-head setter dump to a mid-court opening to cut the lead to 21-18. Reidinger had a kill off McMullen’s hands in the back row for a 23-20 lead, and the Indians took the set 25-20 to close out the match.


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