Park Happenings: Lewis and Clark Dinner

<I>WASHINGTON STATE PARKS PHOTO</I><BR>Billylou Brattebo and Private Richard Windsor (Phil Huff) pose for the camera after enjoying dinner. Private Windsor had been telling several guests about his travels to the Pacific as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

A sold out crowd attended "Dinner with Lewis and Clark," on Oct. 8 at the Fort Columbia historic theater. The Bicentennial event was sponsored by the Friends of the Columbia River Gateway, a non-profit group that supports interpretation in the Long Beach area State Parks.

Along with 50 guests were Capt. Meriwether Lewis, Sgt. John Ordway, Sgt Nathaniel Pryor, and Privates Ruben Field, George Shannon, Alexander Willard, Richard Windsor, and Hugh Hall. The living historians are part of a newly formed group called the "Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Honor Guard." Its members are amateur historians, teachers, park rangers, and professionals from both the local area and the Northwest.

The salmon dinner was catered by the Sanctuary Restaurant and enjoyed by both Corps members and guests. All menu items were from the early 1800s time period.

During the dinner, guests were invited to step back in time to 1805 and enter into a place and time where they could meet some of the members of the expedition. They were able to learn about the travels of the Corps for Northwest Discovery and about the varied personalities of the members.

An auction and raffle were held at the end of the evening. All proceeds will benefit park interpretive programs and projects within the Long Beach area.

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