PORTLAND - The Peninsula Youth PeeWee football cheerleaders, grades two through six, had the time of their young lives as they performed a dance routine on the floor of the Rose Garden prior to the Portland Trailblazer's season opener, Nov. 1.

Thirty-two girls did their routine under the direction of Sheryl Schisler in front of an estimated crowd of 5,000 people. By game time over 20,000 fans had packed the Rose Garden, including many of the entourage of Ilwaco cheerleaders, their parents, and supporters.

Terri Smith, Jaymi Kaino, Cindy Yasunaka and Sue Madsen also helped coach the girls throughout the PeeWee football season. The young cheerleaders learned moves and routines and also were encouraged to have a positive attitude, to listen and cooperate, to work hard, and to have lots of smiles.

The coaches expressed their thanks to the parents for their help in getting the girls to practices and games and for their encouragement. Kris Kaino is the head of the Peninsula PeeWee football league.

The following young ladies performed during PeeWee football games on the Peninsula and in Portland: Trisha Agnitsch, Rachael Bartlett, Taylor Bowyer, McKenzie Dalton, Kelsey Douglas, Krista Glasson, Teresa Goodwin, Tashina Gray, Nicole Hackney, Hailee Henington and Kayloni Johnson.

Also on the squad were Elleigh Kaino, Kady Kirby, Nichole Lopez, Kelsey Madsen, Ashlea Martin, Nickie Miazie, Tawnie Nesbitt, Esmeralda Pacheco, Bailee Rogers, Anabel Sanchez and Amanda Schisler.

Rounding out the cheer team were Chelsea Scialabba, Jackie Smith, Marina Sonntag, McKenzie Stockfieth, Alicia Trusty, Kempsey Ward, Sydney Ward, Tosha Welch, Brittney Wilson and Keiana Yasunaka.

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