Two Person, Alternate Shot Tournament, Peninsula Golf Course

Saturday, July 13

Peninsula Golf Course Cup Standings are as follows: 1st Richard Vasquez; 2nd Ed Hines; 3rd Fred Carter; 4th Doug Brown; 5th Rick Larson; 6th Gavin Brown; 7th Noah Remillard; 8th Leon Nielsen; 9th Terry Hillman; 10th Kent Sypniewski; 11th Josh Cruise; 12th KJ Harbaugh; 13th Virginia Knopski; 14th Steve Burton; 15th Will Hine; 16th Angie Brown; T-17th Ben Collins, Brandon Marsh; T-19th Don Parsons, Doug Wilde; 21st John Knopski; T-22nd Cora Barron, Jim Owens, Jay Steiner, Aaron Broeckel, Mike Feroglia; 27th Dan Whealdon; T-28th Don Walters, Patrick Schenk, Brad Woodham; T-31st Mark Donaldson, Bill Delfosse.

Team 2-Person Alternate Shot, 6th Tournament Final Results

T-1st Noah Remillard/Ben Collins, Terry Hillman/Brandon Marsh; 3rd Gavin Brown/Richard Vasquez; 4th Fred Carter/Leon Nielsen; T-5th Rick Larson/KJ Harbough; Ed Hines/Doug Brown; 7th Dan Whealdon/Joe Brown. KP #4 winner – Brandon Marsh.

Peninsula Golf Course

Tuesday Night Business League

Week 3, July 2

1st – Low Gross — Terry Hillman, Jim Owens; 1st – Low Net — Richard Vasquez; 2nd – Low Net — Ed Hines, Fred Carter; KP#3 Tim Pfeiffer


1st Alaskan Observers; 2nd North Beach Tavern; 3rd Pencove; 4th The Breakers

Week 4, July 9

1st – Low Gross — Noah Remillard – 40

1st – Low Net — Brad Woodham – 31

KP 2nd Shot #5 — Ed Hines


1st Pencove

2nd Alaskan Observers

3rd North Beach Tavern

4th The Breakers

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