Sixth annual Peninsula gardening awards honor the best of the best

This year's award-winning Peninsula gardeners are Gary Ayers and Daryl Drinkard, whose garden is shown above, Patti Jacobsen, Teena Binion, and Doug Yearout. Larkin Stentz photo

PACIFIC COUNTY - This year there were 14 nominations for the 2003 Michele Easton Cortright Memorial/Green Angel Award for Gardening Excellence. All received at least one letter of recommendation.

They are: Doris Anderson, 21605 Birch Place, Ocean Park; Gary Ayers and Daryl Drinkard, 20701 Crane Place, Sunset Sands; Teena Binion, 4305 158th, Long Beach; Harding and Anita Carlson, "N" and 268th, Ocean Park; Janet Delavan, 4112 N Place, Seaview; Bill Gibson, 7104 Ortelius Drive, Ilwaco; Pete and Celsa Johnson, for Ocean Park beautification; Patti Jacobsen, 4714 L Place, Seaview; Valla Kary, 3105 3180t St., Ocean Park; Grace and Jim Mack, 24907 Birch Place, Ocean Park; Myrtle Richmond, 1809 208th Place, Ocean Park; Phyllis Scheibaer, 1010 36th St., Seaview; Jerry Smith, Surfside Mall, 31605 "I" Street, Surfside Estates; Doug Yearout, 25901 "N" Place, Ocean Park; the garden at 1309 253rd Place, Ocean Park.

A big thanks goes to all the wonderful people who took the time to write in their reasons for nominating the gardens and gardeners. The stories were touching and illustrate the healing gift that gardening brings to us all.

The winners of the Sixth Annual Michele Easton Cortright Memorial/Green Angel Award for Gardening Excellence are: Gary Ayers and Daryl Drinkard, Patti Jacobsen, Teena Binion, and Doug Yearout.

As organizer and event-sponsor Larkin Stentz said, "With each year of these awards I am more and more convinced that, to paraphrase Mary Stewart from her book, 'The Last Enchantment,' the highest of the arts of peace is to grow a garden. Each of the people listed above and hundreds more are winners in life and are the better for it because they have chosen to make gardening a part of their lives. Please take time to look, smell, taste and feel the joys of gardens everywhere."

Each will receive $50 to be used at one of the following nurseries: Clarkes Nursery, The Basket Case Nursery, The Planter Box Nursery and The English Nursery. They will also receive a garden angel sculpture and a framed certificate of their award.


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