“On the Road Again” is the theme song for Naselle football team’s early-season games.

The team returned from a 68-50 nonleague defeat by Sunnyside Christian Friday and is regrouping with a 2-1 record before heading to Oakville.

That game has been rescheduled as a daytime game Saturday because of issues with the home team’s lights.

Playing at Lyle in the Columbia River Gorge Friday meant both teams traveled, Naselle 172 miles, Sunnyside 99.

Naselle players had considerable success with their running game, but problems with the center-quarterback exchange — as many as 10 errors — dogged the team throughout.

“We will be working on it,” said head coach Jeff Eaton. “We have got to get the right touch in the snap, not too hard and not too slow.”

The Knights’ playbook contained several tricks and the quarterback had a deft passing arm. Although Naselle was able to gain good yardage on the ground, the Sunnyside team always countered.

“They were a big-play team and scored on the first pass for something like 60 yards,” said Eaton.

Still, Naselle recorded 378 yards on 66 carries, including some big runs. Jacob Scrabeck returned to the field where he had a stellar game last week and again posted impressive stats. He rushed for 95 yards on 22 carries, with three touchdowns, one on a 33-yard passing play from quarterback Hayden Gudmundsen.

Scrabeck only played three full quarters because of cramp later in the game, but on defense he led the tackle count with 10. Eaton said he was especially pleased with the tackling of his squad, highlighting Ramzi Estes with nine, Donny Edwards playing safety with eight, Gudmundsen with seven and DJ Wirkkala with five, providing what his coach called “intensive cover.”

On offense, Edwards had a big game with 12 carries for 142 yards, scoring two touchdowns. Gudmundsen had two 40-yard runs for touchdowns, carrying for 118 yards on nine plays.

“In the fourth quarter we were running out of gas,” said Eaton, who subbed in some of his younger players toward the end. At 60-50, the Knights showed no mercy, however, and with less than a minute remaining tossed in another scoring play to inflate the scoreboard.

Sunnyside Christian 68

Naselle 50

Team stats

Rushing, Naselle, 66-378

Individual stats

Touchdowns: Jacob Scrabeck, 3; Donny Edwards, 2; Hayden Gudmundsen, 2 Rushing: Edwards 12-142; Gudmundsen, 9-118; Scrabeck, 22-95. Tackles: Scrabeck 10; Ramzi Estes 9; Edwards 8; Gudmundsen, 7; DJ Wirkkala, 5.

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