LONG BEACH — Competitors in the Northwest Junior Rodeo Association congregated in Long Beach last weekend, Aug. 5 and 6.

In the junior division, two steer riders stayed on their bucking animals for the required six seconds, Nathan Clawson edged Tyler Crouse 66-65, with scoring on a 100-point scale. The bulls toppled all competitors in the senior division.

Allison Schultz had a big weekend in the senior girls division, taking first place in breakaway calf roping and in pole bending. Preston Segerman starred on the boys’ side. He won in cow milking and chute dogging, a youth rodeo version of steer wrestling.

Cow milking is one of the eccentric events on the youth circuit. Two young horsemen chase a cow and dismount, with one grabbing its head to hold it in place and the other milking it. The milker then runs his bottle to a circle, where he must produce one drop of milk.

Segerman was the only successful milker Saturday, accomplishing the feat in 30.86 seconds. On Sunday, Segerman showed the cooperative side of rodeo. He served as the header for two of his competitors, including his brother Payton. Preston held on as the cow fought furiously to get away, helping his brother nearly beat him, with a time of 31.756. This was not the only case where young competitors followed a sort of honor code; one girl lent her horse to a competitor who needed one.

Local competitors Reece Pierson and Erika Glenn took the lead in barrel racing Saturday in the senior and junior divisions, respectively, but neither lead held up Sunday. Anne Marie Carr rounded the barrels in a remarkable 18.021 seconds to win the senior division going away. Her performance was so dominant that Pierson, the second place finisher at 18.84, was closer to fourteenth place than first. Glenn ended up in fourth place at 19.057, as Mackinsey Dale took the junior division in 18.393.

Glenn also finished fourth in steer daubing and third in breakaway roping. Pierson took fifth in pole bending, weaving her horse expertly through narrowly placed poles. She was not so fortunate in breakaway calf roping, as the calf put on a football-style stop-and-go move to elude Pierson and her horse. In fact, only three competitors managed to rein in cattle, with Schultz winning in 4.295 seconds.

Pee wee competitors (ages 6-8) took part in barrel racing, pole bending and goat flanking. Buckaroo competitors (5 and under) practiced the basics of controlling goats in the goat undecorating competition, and the California stake race, which prepares them for other horse-riding events in their future.

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