ILWACO — Daniel Quintana knew the hilly, mud-slicked home course wasn’t going to yield a record time, but the senior defending state champ wasn’t going to settle for anything other than first in his final home meet.

Forty lined up at the starting line for the men’s varsity Black Lake cross country meet Thursday in Ilwaco, but it was Quintana (18:31.8) that thrust to the front early and cruised to a first-place finish in the 5,000-meter race.

Quintana said the biggest challenge of the home course was the hills, but conceded he had other concerns, particularly the deep competition.

“When I saw Warrenton was going to be there … I know the kid who got second place, he’s a really good runner. I’ve raced against him before and I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one,” reflected Quintana.

That runner, Warrenton senior Zander Moha, finished second (18:41), roughly 10 seconds behind Quintana. Hoquiam junior Timmy Higgins (20:53.4) rounded out the top three.

Quintana wasn’t too concerned with his time, he said, only where he finished.

“If I get a 17, 18, 19 or 20, I won’t be mad with that time because it’s not a fast course. I was just really looking forward to getting first on my senior night, and I did it,” he said.

Ilwaco senior Logan Simonson finished fourth (20:54.5), followed by Ilwaco senior Logan Roush in 10th (23:01.09).

In the overall team scores, Warrenton took first (29) followed by Ilwaco (39) and Hoquiam (56). Seven schools participated in the meet, including Ilwaco, Forks, Hoquiam, Chief Leschi, North Beach, Raymond and Warrenton.

Women’s varsity

A trio of Ilwaco seniors finished in the top four in the women’s 5,000-meter race.

Ilwaco senior Emma Brundage finished first (23:38.4), followed by fellow Ilwaco senior Sabrina Lessenden (24:38.5) in second and senior Tazlina Thomas (26:27.9) in fourth. Warrenton freshmen Payten Buckelew finished in third among 14 runners.

Junior high boys

A mix of schools took the top three spots, including Forks, Ilwaco and North Beach.

Forks 8th grader Braden Camach finished in first (10:10.4), followed by Ilwaco 7th grader Sawyer Linquist in second place (11:14) and North Beach 7th grader Kenneth Frank (11:34.9). Ilwaco 7th grader Druv Athmanathan finished 10th with a time of (13:13.1) followed by Ilwaco 8th grader Henry Hill (14:19.7). Five schools participated in the meet, including Ilwaco, Forks, Chief Leschi, Hoquiam and North Beach.

Junior high girls

The Seaside girls swept the top three spots, including 8th grader Maddie Menke who finished first with a time of 11:30.5. Seaside 8th grader Ella Clyde (12:06.5) took second followed by 6th grader Rebecca Harper (12:54.8). Ilwaco 7th grader Evelyn Metzger took 7th (17:25.8) followed by 7th grader Shaylee Banchand (21:10).

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