Even as this past week’s strong high pressure ridge weakens on Saturday, generally mild and uneventful weather should continue through Sunday. However, as a stronger storm approaches on Sunday night, rain will overtake western and eventually eastern Washington by Monday, while a strong southwesterly air flow keeps central areas mainly dry.

The main issue is likely to be the strong winds on Monday, as much cooler air (briefly) pours into the region.

Temperatures are expected to be temporarily closer to normal for early next week, before a strong ridge rebounds over the Northwest by mid week. As a result, much warmer temperatures are likely, especially in the daytime. Initially, if there is a period of offshore flow, western Washington may see a rapid warm up, before the early season warmth pushes eastward as the flow turns onshore. It is quite possible that a warm site could reach 80 degrees later next week for the first time since last autumn.

Late in the period or next weekend, the ridge should weaken once again, as slightly cooler (but still mild) days make a comeback. Overall, the headlines for this outlook period will be a windy Monday storm system and associated western rain and cooling, followed by a potentially rapid temperature increase as the pattern shifts to sunny and rather calm conditions.


• Above normal overall.

• Warm this weekend, and briefly cooler early next week.

• Much warmer for mid to late next week.


• Rain developing in the west on Sunday evening or night, and spreading eastward on Monday morning.

• Mostly dry through Sunday morning, and again for mid to late next week.


• Windy on Monday.

8 to 14 Day Outlook - April 9, 2016 to April 15:

• Overall, above average temperatures and below average precipitation are expected during the 8 to 14 day time frame.

Western Washington

• Normal conditions for this time of the year would be highs in the mid 50s to low 60s and lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s.


• Mostly dry with a slight chance of rain. Rain developing on Sunday night.

• Highs in the 60s on Saturday, and 60s to around 70 on Sunday.

• Lows in the 40s to around 50 on Saturday morning, and 40s on Sunday morning.

Next Week

• Rain or showers likely early in the week. Mostly dry by mid week.

• Highs in the mid 50s to low 60s on Monday, and much warmer later in the week.

• Lows in the 40s to low 50s on Monday morning, and then cooler, and warmer later in the week.

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